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A subsidiary of the ARY Group, is a famous Pakistani telecom company accessible in Pakistan, the Middle East, North America and Europe. The ARY Group of organizations is a Dubai-based holding organization established by a Pakistani agent, Abdul Razzak Yaqoob (ARY). The channel is acknowledged to be a pioneer in Pakistani media and TV industry, and has a stretching system of channels, each with specific centre. Understanding the potential, Government of Pakistan permitted licenses for private satellite TV slots, ARY Digital network right into Pakistan market. Salman Iqbal as Global CEO and President and his uncle Haji Abdul Rauf began making the base for the system in Pakistan.

Some, of the regarding administrators of ARY network realised that it is the need of hour to cover the news about flaring political syndicated programs and acting pieces and then they pace forward in this regard to do something accordingly. Just for instance Qatar-based Al Jazeera was appreciated a lot for its fifteen minutes of notoriety that established its name unmistakably in the occasions collapsing after the 9/11 assaults yet when the war on dread came to neighbouring Afghanistan, Pakistan .At that time there was not any expert station there to cover it completely on the other hand there was a limit in respect to what amount Ptv news could indicate on their system. When after a long time ARY Digital initiated it also covered Afghan war and various related events.

This one-screen Geo news live business developed into a system of channels radiating into over 130 nations. The system without any offense, at present, undoubtedly stands as one of the quickest developing Asian broadcasting companies in the world. From that point forward the system began to dedicate itself to the consistent advancement of Pakistan's media market. The system now gloats a potential market size of more than 20 million viewers. The ARY TV Group, managers and administrators of the system, proclaimed the launch of the ARYl tower, one of the tallest media edifices in the UAE.

Construction of the tower, administered by regarded Adnan Engineering Consultants. Dunya news pioneered and set the basics of media coverage through TV modification in Pakistan and everywhere around the world. In 2002, The ARY Star Gold Quiz Show set new guidelines in the diversion indicate show history being the first live show ever which was putting forth a strong prize of one kilogram of gold.  Partly because of the boycott on Indian stations around at that time, it has helped the station develop prevalent by the day. In spite of the fact that, its operations include the mission for the wellbeing of the picture of Pakistanis both inhabitant and living abroad, the system has followed along provincial occasions modifying from neighbour India to help its appraisals.

To further snare clients to the container, the system obtained selective rights to showcase all International Cricket Council cricket competitions in the European markets. An alternate manage the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) headed the system into legitimate telecast of all PCB matches from the year 2003 to 2008.On October 18, 2007 the greater part of the ARY NEWS group, blanket previous Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's entry from outcast, were executed by one of two outbursts. Pictures of the chumps were indicated on the ARY Digital news live and supplications to God were watched. Bhutto was later escorted securely to an official government house.

ARY Live has now developed as the Urdu speaking TV viewers top choice and has spread its impression over the globe. Today the channel has divide bars crosswise over South East Asia, Middle East, United Kingdom, Europe and North America advertising Pakistan's delicate picture and rich society over the globe. As a diplomat for the extraordinary individuals of Pakistan radiating in more than 100 nations, ARY TV has a dream to turn into an imperative association helping absolutely towards a more prosperous Pakistan in the close future.


ARY Live has boasted its customized broadcasting content into four different regions of the world which are mentioned below:

  1. ARY Asia
  2. ARY Middle East
  3. ARY UK/Europe
  4. ARY USA

ARY Asia:

This form of the Channel is allowed to-air in the Asian subcontinent. Unlike different forms of the Channel, Samaa News Live , characteristics a more extensive mixed package of Programmes and shows. A hefty portion of which may incorporate remote programmes incorporating Hollywood and Bollywood motion pictures,ary or recorded shows, for instance Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi is one of the Indian TV demonstrates  being publicized .

ARY Digital UAE:

ARY UAE is additionally allowed to air, however the customizing is restricted to Pakistani programmes just, this incorporates ARY select Dramas and TV shows, this is on the grounds that UAE Channel own the rights for American and English shows and movies. Indian programmes are likewise not telecast on the UAE form; this is in light of the fact that the Original Indian stations broadcast the Programmes on their own Channel.


As their  name showing that these two are specially designed for the people belong to the specific part of the world according to their demand.

ARY Digital Programs:

ARY programs are now at a standard that people round the globe love to watch them this is really honour for Pakistani media that it is grooming day and night up to such extent.ARY TV presents its program in 3 different Types their list is given below:

  1. ARY  Digital Dramas
  2. ARY Comedy
  3. ARY Shows

Different programs of ARY with brief description is given below. As it is mentioned that Live ARY present various types of programs.

ARY Digital Dramas:

ARY dramas list is given below


pyarey afzal is a heart touching story of a young man's battle, to win the lady of his dreams utilizing statements to paint canvases of adoration and friendship, he communicates his wishes in letters, yet keeps them a mystery. In any case when a clash goes out between families, the youthful man is constrained to leave his home, a circumstance that uncovered his shrouded letters to everyone, even to the lady of his affections. This Express News live drama serial of somewhat focus the issue exist in our society.


This drama is serial of ARY is about marriage which is a pledge or an obliged commitment one has to face according to the social trend regardless of mentalities and compatibility. A lady, who is joined with a stigma of life, is socially opposed by family and companions, who under family pressure sacrifices or devoted into a marriage that she is not eager to satisfy. Her obliviousness and pomposity accelerates separation imprints her existence with embarrassment regardless of how hard she tries to overcome.

This billo, bablu & bhaiyya ARY drama is a comedic story full of fun and comedy and bliss. The story spins around two siblings, bablu and bhaiyya and their funny activities. Bablu and his perfect partner billo, attempting urgently to get bhaiyya to reconnect with his crush Alizeh since until the more senior sibling is not wedded. So the junior and anxious bablu and billo, leave on a mission to win the hearts and endorsement of the whole gang.

Meri Beti:

This ARY drama serial is based on a fact that a life based on a falsehood, regardless of how good and happy it might appear, can just close in gloom. Meri beti accompanies the lives of three women,
who in their quest for happiness mislead the individuals closest to them with misleading statements and deception but when the shroud of double dealing is lifted, and the actuality revealed,
it annihilates exists as well as trusts, dreams and families.


This drama serial is of ARY TV Live about the story that doubt and desire are the most relationship executioners. acting piece serial "shukk" encourages the same theory. the story spins around three critical characters; sherish, ehtisham and sania. sehrish and ehtisham being a cheerfully wedded couple have dependably kept their connection free from all kind of duplicity and dubiety, notwithstanding being denied of a youngster. at the same time lamentably an unplanned experience of the couple with sania, who was once captivated to ehtisham however is currently wedded to ali, mixed an elevated amount of clash and doubt in their connection. This suspicion not just ruins the life of sehrish and ehtisham additionally ruined the power of profound devotion and friendship between sania and ali, compelling sania to face isolation. Watch Ten Sports enjoy live streming without stelling


This is a story of bonding between two cousins, Ruqaiya and Pari. A connection that even though
appears to be one of deep compassion and minding on the surface, is defaced by and significantly deeper state of mental precariousness in future life. As life is not a bed of roses thats why everyone has to face ups and down in life accordingly. This is a worth watching drama of live as one can think a lot from life storied of others. Regular viewer can watch the latest episodes through ARY stream on internet at official website.

Mere Humrahi:

Love is an inexpressible feeling that makes a world of happiness for both individuals involved. But when it comes to the expression of feelings then people have to face a lot from the world as well as from their loving family. Mere humrahi is a story of an adolescent woman, who is double-crossed by the individual she cherishes the most. A disloyalty, which is harsh to the point, destroys
her notoriety, as well as that of her family also .This is the theme of this drama presented by ARY Live.


The story of "maatam" a famous drama of ARY rotates around the lives of a group
of junior ladies, who live in under ideal conditions. They are part of our social order and play imperative roles in our lives. Their hardships go unnoticed whether they are the girls or the wife of a strict man, who utilizes the shroud of religion to deny them their fundamental rights. Sometimes such girls wedded to a brutal more senior man, who utilizes his commanding nature to ruin the life of a blameless woman. The story accompanies the enduring and hopelessness of these women,
their determination to beat these conditions, and break free from their pain.Through live streaming Star Cricket it is now possible to watch this on internet.


Revenge can devastate an individual, a family and even somebody's rational soundness. Darmiyaan is the story of a young lady who embarks to look for revenge for her senior sister.


Dehleez is the story of a lady who faces numerous hardships and issues so as to make an improved life for her youngsters. In the way of being compelled out of her home by her own particular spouse. She settles in an underprivileged neighbourhood, where with the assistance and upholds of her neighbours she has the ability to ascent on her feet and underpins her youngsters .In short "dehleez" is a perfect work of art to remember.

Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah:

Story of this Drama is about two families living under the same ceiling .On e of them have a main character as a Qudussi sahib ki bewa having her 3 daughter and a son .Widow facing hardships because of her children who usually do not earn for their livelihood. This is one of the significant dramas because of its special characters played by a single actress in ARY Digital dramas list.


Eik aur eik dhai:

Eik aur eik dhai is a comedy production of Live ARY story of this production rounds about an inexperience singer want to make his friend thrown out of his house a famous and rich and useful man. There is some issue regarding his affair as well in this serial.

Comedy Kings:

This is comedy programs based on compatible experienced and talented comedy kings of Pakistan. People sitting audience as well as those who watching show at their TV use to laugh on extra ordinary performance of comedians.


This is really and comedy program presented by ARY Live TV. Story of rasgullay is based on a family where every member is overweight. There is a young unmarried but overweight daughter and his father trying to find his groom accordingly.

Dug Dugi:

Its all inside the family, as durdana butt heads the family with Ashraf khan as her child and Nausheen shah as her girl. Ashraf being a straightforward and honest individual is wedded to shagufta ejaz, whose just focal point of fascination and concern is her sibling, azfar rehman. Azfar is shrewd and savvy from the rest. This sitcom not just highlights the crash of people inside a house, additionally a crash of diverse societies confronted by a normal crew.This is a comedy program of Capital TV


It is well famed family sitcom of ART Live TV .People from all the age group and from different areas of Pakistan love to watch it as it is somewhat different from regular programs use to telecast on television. This drama is program is based on a family different from typical families .Hina Dilpazeer played its marvellous role in this program. Director of this program is Rana Rizwan and its script is written by well talented writer Ali Imran. Nabeel well known Pakistani actor produced this program .He is also playing a leading role in it.People really love this comedy program of ARY Digital TV specially the kids fond of watching even repeated episodes of this program.

ARY Digital Shows:

Good Morning Pakistan:

Morning show presented by Live TV ARY is very successful show of ARY anchor of this show is Nida Yasir. Motive of this show is to entertain viewers so that they can start their days with happy simile face. One can watch this program on their handset as well as other computerised devices through Business Plus Live stream.

ARY Digital Schedule:

There is a precise organized schedule at which every program telecast by the services. Time is according to the standard time of Pakistan. In morning, evening even at night there is specified program on TV according to this predefined schedule timing is also mentioned while in commercial of every drama, comedy program or show. Hence it is almost impossible to run all this transmission in an organised way without ARY Schedule.

ARY Digital Live Streaming:

Besides watching interesting and entertaining programs of conventionally on TV now there are more gadgets as well providing this services. As every channel has its own specified frequency which can be then tuned to watch it there is ARY frequency for this channel also. By tuning this channel any time any where one can enjoy its transmission.

Special Services:

As we all know that everything has its own specialty same is the case with ARY Digital network as it has its own integrity in social media. Besides providing entertainment it also plays its role regarding other social activities like majority of its programs are based on real life stories though there is a factor of glamour there but on the whole theme use to be somewhat real. Aaj news highlight different piercing lesions of our society which are making it unfit to live upon .People can learn a lot from it. There is a factor of women empowerment as well as different programs are based on marital and feminine issue.

Basically life is not a problem to solve but a condition or procedure to face so it is not necessary to fall down every time one can learn from the weakness and bad experiences of others.ARY Live streaming is provided in this regard in different areas of the world. Instead of entertainment LIVE ARY also provided for sake of latest updates and breaking news that what is going round the globe specially in our country relates to politics , GDP , security , corruption , currency , index , import export , science researches , army , sports etc.

As our nation is fond of cricket Ptv Sports provided ARY streaming live from the stadium where match use to organize ball by ball transmission is there to provide its viewer all the updates. Not only is this but there expert opinion discussions regarding different current affairs in ARY Live Digital News. As Urdu is national language of Pakistan thats why administrators present Urdu 1 so that everyone can understand it easily.ARY digital also provides service of friends corner also.

It is a fact of nature that every picture has two faces so as has large number of fans and viewers it is a responsibility of the administrators to focus on the right causes and issues according to our culture and religion but not to deviate others going on a right path. Censor boar should also play there significant role in this regard. As Muslims in the world facing critical conditions our media should play their role to cover such matters to promote this religion and our culture. So instead of profit there is a need to bother about integrity and unity.

ARY digital Jobs:

To provide services on such a large scale thousands of people equired.ARY digital provide chance to join talented people to join Geo Tezz network as a writer , actor , light man , flash bys , director , producers , graphic designer , makeup artist , fashions designers , actor , actress , scriptwriter,anchors and in many other designations. There is neck to neck competition I every field and every walk of life every one wants change n significance so talented and hardworking people are eventually appreciated everywhere though no one is perfect or professional by birth everyone get something good after donating and losing many things of life but simple formulation to get success anywhere in world is dedication with consistency.

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