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According to Aristotle, "human beings are social animals”. Although  I agree with him somewhat, I  must  say  that its  really  very  difficult  to  be  self  dependant  and  happy  alone in  this  vast and intricate planet earth. We can easily observe the fact around us that we live in forms of groups and gatherings known as families and communities, respectively. Beyond this family circle, everyone has its own social circle, too. One can communicate and share with others easily through that limit. We all know that science has changed the world. With no offense, we can say that this vast and diverse planet Earth has been changed into a global village. This is has happened because of marvellous researches and a chain of successful experiments in the field of science. Let’s have a deep look in the scientific phenomena with respect to communication. In order to communicate with local folk or with the number of people living in different areas, initially print media like newspapers, magazines, books, and newsletters were introduced. With  rapidly  developing technologies, those mediums now replaced by electronic media, comprising of television, radio, and the Internet, etc.

Television channels play a vital role in this aspect. These days, there is an explosion of television channels. Every channel has its own vision and mission according to which it used to work. Pakistan television is a pioneer in the broadcasting in history of Pakistan. On November 26th, 1964, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a live stream of black and white transmission was broadcasted from Lahore by an international organization, NEC (National Education Commission), licensed from the government of Pakistan. At the beginning, there were just 30 employees.

People were not aware of the benefits of electronic media, that through it they can obtain the latest updates and can introduce their culture and rituals to other nations, and can amuse themselves with international sports, as it has national and international coverage. Unluckily, PTV had to bear heavy losses as it was unable to achieve the desired revenues and half of its shares were sold to the government. Finally, it was nationalized in 1971. Different centres were made, like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta Centre, in different areas of the country. At the very beginning, the PTV team was comprised of a few multitalented people such as Ubaidur Rahman, the first General Manager, (Founder and Chief Executive of PTV); the appointment of President Ayub Khan Nasir Hussain as  producer; Aslam Azhar; Zubair Chaudry, etc. 

PTV introduced the mentors of showbiz industry like, Ashfaque Ahmed, Shoaib ,Hashmi, Kanwal Naseer ,Ali Rizvi ,Anwar Maqsood, Taj haider etc. There is a long list of super hit drama serials  which were highly appreciated by local folks  some of them are Khuda ki basti,Uncle olfi,Afshan,Shahzori, Dhoop kinaray ,Tanhayan,Alif noon,Alpha bravo Charlie. Even there is record of deserted streets because of dramas like Waris in Pakistan. The best quality of PTV that make it unique from other channels is that is covers a wide range having variation and it is a complete family channel. And in order not to compromise with its quality PTV Censor Board was formed in 1968 headed by Director Programs Administration. It was separately instituted within PTV on the approval of Secretary Ministry of IMD in December 1980 to clear and certify bulk of imported and locally acquired programs with speed and efficiency. Consultant News/Current Affairs/Presentation presently heads the Board.

Every morning there is a start of daily transmission with Talawat-e- Quran, Dua .After that there is a series of different programs  like news, morning shows, dramas, cartoons, educational programs, general knowledge and quiz programs and night shows. It is family channel and one can be entertained with its family and kids.
Pakistan television, besides promoting national language Urdu, also appreciates other local languages as it is a representative channel for all Pakistan. Programs and drama serials in Punjabi, Pashto, Sindi and other languages are also played on it. Not only local and national languages but there is a News Bulletin in English language also.PTV programs have their demand beyond the borders just because of it trustworthy and dedicated stuff.PTV can be watched through satellite system in Asia, UAE ,UK and many other part of the world.

PTV has also established a training academy in order to guide the beginners. To let them know about the basic tricks and knowledge to work in media. Thus PTV has got many awards and honorariums of international values on different occasions .Hence it is not only the source of entertainment, knowledge but it also depicts our culture, history and heritage .As it represents Pakistan in front of the World. Now PTV is producing  revenue  owing to its high standards, not only this, it has also introduced many  sub channels like PTV sports, TV global ,Bolan TV, Prime TV etc.  May it get more and more success and better place while working for positive productive mega projects for the revival of Pakistan Industry.

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