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This Channel is very competent News channel governed by National Communication services (SMC) private limited .Dunya News live was launched in December 1st 2008 and within very short duration of time it ruled its roaster and challenged different News channels working in that time .Dunya News live has its centers in different parts of Pakistan while the main headquarters of Dunya TV live is situated in Lahore. Owner of this famous News channel Mian Amir Mehmood is well renewed Political icon of Pakistan. Dunya Live has its transmission in national Urdu language 24 hours a day through local cable operators. Dunya News Live is easily available and watchable in different cities, villages and districts of Pakistan.


Satellite through which use to get its live signals is Intelsat-20 68.5E having the frequency of 4006 hertz .Polarity of Live Dunya TV is horizontal while having the symbol rate of 2990 with FEC ¾.

Main Centres

As already mentioned main headquarter of Dunya TV Live is in 8-A Abbot Road Lahore while it also has its different Bureau offices in different cities and districts of Pakistan such as

  • Islamabad
  • Quetta
  • Peshawar
  • Multan
  • Gujranwala
  • Faisalabad
  • D.I.Khan


After the proceeding of headlines Dunya News Live has different segments comprising of minute to minute updates and truthful news regarding to the hot sizzling topics about the current affairs happening in Pakistan and throughout the world. Every segment has particular news related to it .Given below are the names of different segments and sections of ARY News Urdu.

  • World

Dunya live World comprises of news related to the worldly affairs besides Pakistan. About the preplanned organized or sudden incidents and changing’s arriving in the world. We can get updates about many useful news and information from it that what constructive or destructive events occurring in the other countries of the world like floods, earth quakes, elections, changes in laws and forces, successful experiments in field of science and technology .Developments and improvements in the field of education, implication and transitions in different rules and regulations .Hence, what ever happening in any field of the life. What are the circumstances behind the financial crisis and how financial crisis affecting the economy of the world. News about the impact of Pakistan and Islam in front of the whole world that what are the short comings and weakness of Pakistanis comparatively to the other countries and nations of the world. News about the various revolutionized changing’s arriving in the world under different circumstances, new inventions, political scenarios, fashion showbiz, tribute to different internationally renowned legends and stars, marketing of famous products. Special theGeo News Live about dominating countries and their remarkable progress in various fields like their finance, economics, education, health, research, and battalion forces etc. There are also the news about calamity stricken countries like Ethiopia, Somalia with their poor system of civilization, customs and finance. News about international celebrations of specific religious, national and other occasions like Eids, Christmas, Ester, New Year celebrations etc.

  • Pakistan

Dunya TV Pakistan has all news related to our beloved country Pakistan under this section. News and programs about the mega power projects, electricity production, dams , ups and down in petroleum of the country and the mega projects approved or under construction or if there is practical implications of some of them. Special informative programs about the literacy rate, poverty, GDP of the country, education, self employment, youth, women empowerment and many other issues. Dunya TV Pakistan also covers all the news regarding to the political scenario of Pakistan. Coverage of all the current repots about the personal as well as public profiles of leaders and notorious political icons. Hence Dunya Live TV covers all the black and white events happening instantly or by preplanned strategies in our dearest homeland. We can see the overall sketch and image of Pakistan through it by sitting at our own places.

  • Regional

Dunya TV news use to telecast all the time by time events and incidents happening in different cities, districts and small localities of Pakistan. Different ceremonies, celebrations, programs, symposiums, seminars, live events, shows of national and international importance and many other similar functions occasionally happen like on Independence Day, defense day, Iqbal day, Quaid day, and Lok melas etc in Pakistan. In short that people belong to the other areas or even belong to the same areas can watch that news on their TV sets or laptops and even on their mobiles through internet and different apps.

  • Business

Dunya TV Live under the business segment telecasts all the News related to the business, stock exchange index on daily basis. Change in the value of Pakistani currency relative to the other currencies like Euro, dirham, Dinar, Yuan as well as dollar. Up and down in the rates of petroleum, CNG, coal and other fuel used in vehicles as well as in industries. Agricultural profile like the gross production of fruits, vegetables and cereals which directly and indirectly effecting the market rates of daily basis edible stuff, production of fertilizers, cement and many other industrial products etc .We can also watch news about all the scandals of different business tycoons of the country. Hence live Dunya News use to cover all the matter belongs to Pakistan and affect the GDP and the progress of the country.

  • Education

Dunya TV News telecasts news about the education system of Pakistan under this section like role played by Ministry of education in a country in the past and its planned strategies about the future news about the literacy rate of the country. There are many News regarding the changing trends in education system; different conventional and mediocre techniques used by the teachers in our local educational institutions. Dunya live TV also use to cover all the records made by Pakistani students nationally and internationally .Glittering diamonds of remarkable value like Ali Moeen Nawazish, Arfa Kareem and many other brilliant students like them who brighter the name and the social impact of Pakistan in front of the whole world are the blessed fruits of our brilliant teachers in Pakistan. As we all know that every picture has two faces so we can also watch the worse condition and weak points of our educational system right here in Pakistan such as there is a great diversion in education system in the form of government sector and private sector and also in the form of English medium and Urdu medium . There is a significant difference among the fees structure of different institution centers having different repute. While there are many villages and districts of Pakistan where there is no basic availability of school, colleges and universities and other vocational and polytechnic institutions. Samaa tv has a full approach on every incident related to education gradually or happening at once in Pakistan. Just for instance investments made by local government on education or the changes made in examination system or text courses to make it component up to the national and international level all updates are presented on this channel with great efficiency. International records made by Pakistani students. Worldwide organized workshops, fellowships, symposiums, short courses about different fields of education or grants offered by different countries to expand the education system internationally can be viewed through it.

  • Technology

As its name showing in this part “technology” Live Dunya TV use to telecast all the News related to the technologies either established or establishing or should be establish in Pakistan. Technology itself is a diversified sector. In every field of studies and in practical implications of any course of studies technology is playing its significant role towards the better output and efficiency. Although machines cannot think but can work efficiently in a unit time comparative to human. Through machines we can get efficient and constant work in less time and human error can also be avoided through it. Just for instance in field of education we need technologies right from basic to professional levels  in form of microscopes, spectrophotometers ,centrifuge machines ,barometers, thermometers, photometers, potentiometers, different complex circuits and many other electronic and multiple sourced machinery and measuring instruments related to different fields of studies. In case of health care profession and centres we know that different type of complex and delicate machinery is required there in order to do precede surgeries and to diagnose different fatal diseases through specified tests like CT scan, EEG, ECG, ultrasound, and machine to detect blood sugar and many other technical apparatus and administrations with special latest functions and properties. While we can easily observe the significant role of technology in agricultural field in the form of tractors, threshers, ploughing, sowing, spraying and cutting machines. Not only this but the industries facilitated with robotic and technical machineries in the construction side as well as in production sector of different quality products hence in every field of life science and technology are playing there significant role. All such stuff with time to time changes, researches and advancement is presented by Live Aaj Tv.

  • Entertainment

In this section Dunya News Live presents all the interesting funny and hilarious news having some different humor from the typical daily routine stuff .It contains sizzling News about show bizz, scandals of different actors and actresses, personal news and diplomatic compliments of different artists, views of different critics in comedy presentations, funny cartoons, short interviews of legendary artists, news about the releasing dates of block buster movies. There are also different innovative Hum tv about various records made worldwide by the multitalented people by doing something extraordinary. Unique and exceptional activities, creative ideas, use or introduction of something in a new presentable form all such news are presented in this segment.

  • Sports

In sports section there are News about different games and their matches use to organize in different areas of the world. Out of hundreds of games there are few games which are very much played and watched internationally. There are many such games included in Olympics too. Olympics are arranged after every four years in a particular decided host country of the world by the internationally specified board. Different expert’s, players having remarkable skills in particular game take part in this internationally organised event in order to represent their country in front of the whole world. Most wanted and highlighted sports are cricket, hockey, football, baseball, tennis, badminton, bike racing, car racing etc. There are some special games which are famous only in a particular country or different areas of the same country just like kiting( basant),kabady( Dangal),animal fighting ,polo, bull fighting which are very famous in Pakistan. All the News about sports although regional, national and international are telecasted under this section of Dunya News TV.

  • Cricket

Cricket is the most liked, most played and most watched game in Pakistan. People of Pakistan specially youth and growing kids are crazy about it .Although hockey is the national game of Pakistan but people still like it than that in fact crazy about it. We can easily observe a crowd of young boys playing cricket in morning and evenings in streets and local grounds especially in vacations. Young boys love to play cricket in their lawns and roofs after coming back from their schools, colleges and universities. Cricket matches specially India V/S Pakistan have their own charm people buy tickets like hot cakes and attend the live matches .On the other hand million of people watch these matches on PTV Soprts sets, laptops and mobiles through different channels .News about all such matches ODI’s or T/twenty which are organized between different countries of the world are telecasted here .Not only this but Dunya TV also use to broadcast the different live discussions of the experts before and after the matches about the performance and all the circumstances affecting the games directly or indirectly. There are news about top rakings of the expert players after their brilliant performances, records made or broke by different legendary players and the news about highlights of different matches played in past on Dunya Channel.

  • Weird New

As the name showing weird news are the news about the particular incidents which are somewhat different from the daily usually happening incidents. If someone do something hilarious or do something unexpectedly in the different way that no one else did it before in such a hilarious and interesting sense in order to get to get significant fame, money and name such programs are telecasted here . Dunya TV live use to present all such unique news in order to entertain their depress viewers who are desperate, tensed, depressed and sad because of present conditions of the country. Financial crisis, prize hiking, loss of peace and calmness around make people unhappy, rude and harsh. Our country fellows become so emotional and short tempered that no one is willing to do or to do anything for anyone as they are badly entangled in their tensed personal and family affairs. Corruption and political unrest made the life specially of poor’s and of common people like hell difficult and tensed .So in order to divert their attention for a while and to refresh them after doing hectic jobs Capital tv is trying to play its own role through this effort.


There are many famous programs presented by Dunya News live TV having high viewership and TPR. Some of the famous programs of Urdu TV are listed below:

  • Dunya Ki Tareekh
  • Dunya Taiz Hay
  • Dunya TV Special
  • Faislay  Se Pehle
  • Hasb e Halal
  • Ilm o hikmat
  • Khabar Yeh Hay
  • Kyuon
  • Nisar
  • Nuqta e Nazar
  • On the Front
  • Ploice File
  • Saboot
  • Talash
  • Yakeen
  • Yeh Hay Dunya


Hasb e haal is the most popular and the most wanted program of Live tv. It is very interesting, moral and comedy program. The basic theme of this program is to criticize, promote and demote something good or bad happening in our society. So that local folk, common innocent country fellow can get information and knowledge about the facts of the current matters that what actually going behind the curtains. Because it is possible to interpret different things from the same diplomatic statement, case or news the words used in political statements having many meanings which to understand and which to bear it’s really difficult to decide. As we all know that every picture has two faces which to follow and admit is all about us. But hopefully we should all be optimist instead of being pessimist. Host of this famous show is Junaid Saleem while the co-host and the protagonist are Najia Baig and Sohail Ahmed respectively.


This program of Dunya TV is directed by Sobia Cheema and starring of the show is Aniq Naji.This program of Dunya Urdu as its name showing is all about the quest to unveil the problems and issues occurring secretly or publically without any check and balance just like social injustice, dirty plans of devilish minded people, robbery murders, gambling and other social evils which are now common in our society these days. Talash team search all those people either doing such activities or became the victim of them so that they can tell others publically about those calamities and can warm others to be careful and also to make their voices much louder to bring justice and peace in the society.


Saboot is a true store based thrilling suspense show of Dunya Live TV. Theme of the show is that it starts from a dead body then experts gather data, and other clues and information after postpartum, from techniques and from the eye witnesses present at the spot of incident. Then step by step the case is solved with the help of available facts. Initially beginning form more complex it started to become less and less entangled with the passage of time. At the end experts become able to detect and arrest the criminal. This program is written by Amir Raza and directed by Usman Raza.


This Program of Dunya News Urdu is telecasted five days a week from Monday to Friday. Starring of this show is Shazia Akram,Sami Abrahim and Saeed Qazi. This show is written and directed by Hassan Tariq In this program Khabar yeh hay k current News on daily basis are discussed by the experts ,analysts , political bodies and the people having experience and vision on the affairs round the country in order to provide expert’s opinions, real causes and factors of the incidents and information about the incidents and their after effects which may happen. So that the people may get awareness in every aspect that how cunning people deceive others expertly and confidently and not only this in fact they have adapted this as their professions. And many unexpected techniques are disclose publically which are used by black sheep’s to harm.


It is very famous program of with high viewership. What happen in this program are dramatized investigations on social unwanted realities which usually happen in our society because of illiteracy, unawareness, social injustice, mishandlings and misguidance of common people specially youth. Basic vision and mission of this program is to highlight the problems which actually people are facing in our country.


This is also the program of Dunya News comprised of the discussions about the sizzling affairs related to the politics, industry, agriculture, education, taxes, electricity, petroleum, price hiking and other issues of Pakistan.


Famous,talented ,bold and daring anchors of Live Dunya News are:

  1. Muhammad Ajmal Jami
  2. Junaid Haleem
  3. Samina Ramazan
  4. Ayesha Naz
  5. Ayesha Zulfiqar
  6. Shazia Akram
  7. Sehrish Asif
  8. Uzma Nauman
  9. Salman Hassan
  10. Nabeeha Ejaz
  11. Tariq Mateen
  12. Javad ahmed Sadiquie


Dunya TV Live has provided different tools to its viewers in order to facilitate them and made the availability of the Dunya Live possible for them at different times , occasions and at different places whenever required. Some of them are mentioned below.

Live streaming

Dunya tv live also provides the facility of live streaming to its viewers. We all know this world is progressing day by day. Everyday scientists, scholars, chemists, researchers invent or discover new things or rediscover the already existing this. In this progressed and computerised world live video transmissions are no more dependent on television sets. Now people can watch the live streaming of their favourite channels and programs any time and from everywhere on their laptops, IPods’, I pads, androids and on different mobile sets through internet. Dawn News streaming of different programs of news is available on its official website.


Live News is very dedicated and committed to its work. We can observe this fact by listening Live on Radio also. Mission and vision behind the presentation on radio is that the Pakistan is an underdeveloped country and many areas of Pakistan are not yet established .So in order to inform simple and unaware people who even cannot enjoy the equal facilities comparative to the people who belong from the progressed areas of the same country and even city. .Everyone has mobile as a mean of communication and we all know that the mobiles these days are provided with radio. So people living in villages and small towns can get information and updated news through the mobile service.

I Phone App/Nokia ovi

One can enjoy the live reports of Dunya online on their I phones and through Nokia handsets with Nokia ovi by switching into internet. Official website of Dunya News TV is http://www.dunyanews.tv.through this website we can provide any information about the channel, programs, timings schedule of programs and much more.

Dunya Ka reporter

Dunya Ka reporter is the self supporting reporting systems presented by Dunya News in which any one voluntarily can submit anything suspicious or something illegal, unsocial and unreligious if he or she observes any such thing in its surrounding .Team of will publically telecast it to unveil that reality in front of others. There are many such videos and pictures presented for this section .It also shows the liveliness, honesty and the daring attitude of the citizens who stepped forward in order to participate in it.

Sms alerts

People living within the Pakistan can also get latest updates about the specific occasions through sms service also Express News.


Being well established and competent News channel it is the responsibility of its administrators and team members to do work with dedication and honesty. They should publically telecast only authentic news from trust worthy sources. They should try to demote scandals and unsocial and unethical news just to increase the TRP of their programs. They should also think about the image of their country and people besides their personal interests own profits and should refrain from soothing their competition with other news channels. Most of the time it is observed that the minor situations are aggregated by the unethical role of media ,small minor issues are presented in such a exaggerated way that its effects increase in negative sense which eventually proves harmful. Notorious thing about the negative role of media is that they prefer to make the news against the humanity instead of serving humanity. If someone is killing someone else then reporters instead of stopping him start making videos and snaps regardless of pathetic ending of the incident. So never demote and degrade humanity just for personal interests and do work with honest in true sense of working instead of getting money and profit by hook or crook.

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