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Express news live has become the most popular news channel of Pakistan offering express tv live streaming services on cable and internet. In this era where there is hustle and bustle everywhere around the globe. One can communicate and share with each other easily any particular event, incident or some sort of breaking news. We all know that science and technology has changed the world. With no offense, we can also say that this vast and diverse planet Earth has been changed into a global village. Express News This is all happened because of marvellous researches and chain of successful experiments in the field of science and technology. Let’s have a deep look in the scientific phenomena with respect to communication around us. In order to communicate with local folk or with the number of people living in different areas, initially declarations with drums then print media like newspapers, magazines, books, and newsletters were introduced.

With rapidly developing technologies those mediums now replaced by electronic media comprising of television, radio, mobiles apps, iPods, iPods and other Internet related devices etc. Televisions channels play a vital role in this aspect. These days, there is an explosion of television channels. There are hundred plus channels we can watch on antenna, dish and cables network in fact now on line  streaming is also available and there are related apps in mobiles. Different channels have their transmissions in different languages and different cultures of course. There are many local channels in Urdu and Punjabi. Through which one can watch traditional movies and dramas especially which are focused on our social issues, society and current affairs. Every channel has its own vision and mission according to which it works.

Basic Information:

Express news is Lahore based recently launched ARY News channel which provide its transmission 24 hours round the clock. Express live has its transmission in Urdu language which is the national language of Pakistan and especially in Lahore people use to speak Urdu. Secondly to promote harmony and unity in the country Urdu is preferred as a single language used throughout the country.


Express TV Live was launched in 1st January 2008 from the day first of 2008 till now it is established and competent enough comparatively to the other news channel. Express TV live is run by the administrators of Daily Television Media network private limited the third largest working platform in this respect . That’s the reason it is established within a short duration of time .Not only this but the live has successfully introduced few sister channels as well.


Picture format of Express news live is 4:3(576i, SDTV).As every TV channels has its own specific property. Picture quality and color matters a lot, while attracting viewers towards transmissions.


Like many other news channel also has its slogan. Slogan comprise of effective words use to quote in commercials and many other different ads. Slogan depicts the channel and its vision .Slogan of Express live is “Her khabar per nazar”. Aaj tv We can see and hear it while enjoying its transmissions.


Express Live TV has its centers and network places in many different areas of the country.In case of anomaly and in case of sudden incidents In order to get quick and efficient response through any part of the country it has many network places so that. Head quarter of Express news is present in Lahore an important city of the province Punjab present in Pakistan.

Broadcast Area:

As we know every area has its own specialty customs and civilizations and these special rituals are limited to that area. Every channel has its limited approach or area of coverage in which any one can watch the live transmission of that particular channel. As channel progress its range of coverage also increases from cities and then to the different countries. geo tv live has its transmission telecasted in the following parts of the world. List of few areas are given below:

  • South Asia
  • Middle East
  • America
  • UK
  • Ireland

Sister Channels:

Besides its News channel Express tv also launched another sister channel after a very small period of time when it get anchored and appreciated by the viewers. Its sister channel is Express Entertainment in which interesting programs are telecasted. We know that there is a lot of tension and depression around us due to the present condition, fear, drone attacks , financial crisis, taxes and other problems of the country which severely responsible for instability . So through interesting, amazing facts, new inventions, new records and discoveries, telefilms, drama serials, long plays ,latest movies they try to divert the attention of their sad, sorrowful and depressed viewers for a while.

As Express TV live is privately governed news channel, that’s why it is not biased in its servings means not in the favour of government and not against it. It is not affiliated with any political party or any other religious or governmental entity. Being loyal and neutral in its work News Live presents its programs specially the news in each and every movement and activity covers all the happenings within and outside the country without any offensive modifications or undesired editing. So if anyone wants to get updates regarding the sudden happenings and current incidents in the country it should switch to this channel in order to get information in its own national language. Because Live Express TV channel and Capital tv proved its impartial behaviour many times while covering political issues or other events in the country and providing the chance to the common people to get aware about the nature and condition of the incident and its further counter effects.

Express live has its experienced, qualified reporters and journalists, content writers throughout the country so that they can inform or aware their nation or authorities on the present conditions of the incidents and the changing conditions about the particular areas of the world. Not only this, but they are also responsible for presenting the inward picture of the Pakistan in front of the outside world.
As we know that Pakistan is facing many problems theses days. It is also on war against terrorism.

Express tv select its journalists, writer, anchors, reporters after an efficient but transparent procedure of selection with great care and authenticity as the quality of the News stuff , images of the channel and its viewership have not to be compromised. That’s why only the selection of deserving and talented candidates is preferred so that they can participate by playing their role. Besides this inward selection Geo Tezz live is also providing a platform to its viewers in fact everyone around the country that can submit news, pictures, videos or voice recordings about any significant events that will then published on their website to present it in front of the world and which is also aired in the form specifies programmes, or live strip or through any possible mean. As Express News Live use to get news, picture and videos through the daring confident and active citizens present at the spot of incidents, or are the eye witness of the incident. Any how it is very difficult to publish the entire stuff available within the limited time and resources. That’s why a portion or an important part of the stuff is published or on-aired most of the times in the form of strips on TV and on electronic live newspapers.

Express Newspaper:

Express TV Live unlike the other news channel also has its own daily newspaper. It’s simply means Express Live providing its services in both conventional as well as digital way. Print media is the sources of awareness for millions of people round the globe from a long time. We can but Express newspaper within reasonable price and can get information not only about the current political affairs but also about sports and show bizz industry. We can also get to know about our daily horoscope, jobs, commercials and many other interesting information and deals.


Samaa TV live is presenting its programmes under different sections which are mentioned below:


This section contain all the information related to Pakistan our own beloved homeland and its present conditions which are now changing day by day and getting worse in many ways . All the ups and down in the country. There are news about political scenario of Pakistan, role of different leaders, and their opposite parties. Diplomatic role rulers are playing against economy. Increase and decrease in daily rate index and its consequences on GDP are also in this section. This segment has further sub segments related to the all four provinces of Pakistan.

  • Capital
  • Punjab
  • Sind
  • Baluchistan
  • KPK & FATA

Live Express TV under this section Pakistan has all the news related to our country. News and adds about the mega power projects, electricity production, dams , ups and down in petroleum of the country and the mega projects approved or under construction or if there is practical implications of some of them. Literacy, motility rate, havocs disease in fact anything new, sudden good or bad happened in the country. Informative programs about the poverty, GDP of the country, education, self employment, youth, women empowerment and many other religious issues. Express News Pakistan also covers all the news related to the political scenario of the Pakistan. News about the current court hearings, about the personal as well as public profiles of leaders and notorious political icons there bad leadership are included here. Hence Live News covers all the black and white events happening instantly intentionally or unintentionally in our dearest homeland. We can see the overall sketch and image of Pakistan through it by sitting at our own places on Business Plus. mobiles, laptops, I pads etc.


As its name showing world it comprises of all the worldly issue within and outside the Pakistan. In this era of science and technology it’s important to be up-to-date in order to exist and compete. Everyone is busy in excelling forward there is neck to neck competition in every field of life. That’s why to get updates about the world is now became need of hour. All the matters related to new inventions, geographical changes like floods, earth quakes, elections, changes in laws and forces, successful experiments in field of science and technology, celebrations, latest instances are telecasted are under this section. Special the news about dominating countries and their remarkable progress in various fields like their finance, economics, education, health, research, and battalion forces etc. There are also the news about calamity stricken countries like Ethiopia, Somalia with their poor system of civilization, customs and finance. News about international celebrations of specific religious, national and other occasions like Ramadan, Eids, Christmas, Ester, New Year celebration ,basant etc. Besides the country itself other countries are considered as PTV world. At the same time there are different events and occasions use to happen in different areas of world. Some countries are lucky enough to have some positive changes and happy arrivals while others are calamity stricken. Developments and improvements in the field of education, implication and transitions in different rules and regulations are also telecasted. What are the circumstances behind the financial crisis and how financial crisis affecting the economy of the world. We all know that this world is changing day by day time by time in fact minute by minute so all these updates are covered through satellites and then telecasted throughout the world by the means of different TV channels.


Live like many other news channels also cover news about sports .Different countries have their national games and the games people like a lot in that area . Out of hundreds of games there are few games which are very much played and watched internationally. There are many such games included in Olympics too. Olympics are arranged after every four years in a particular decided host country of the world by the internationally specified board. Different expert’s, players having remarkable skills  in particular game take part in this internationally organised event in order to represent their country in front of the whole world .Hockey is the national game of Pakistan. . There are some special games which are famous only in a particular country or different areas of the same country just like kiting( basant),kabady( Dangal),animal fighting ,polo, bull fighting  which are very famous in Pakistan On Live Express TV there are programmes based on discussions about the different games specially held in Pakistan. After the matches there are live discussions of experts about the performance of the players and chances and possibilities about success of playing team against its competent team. There are different games played in Pakistan like:

  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Volley Ball
  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Polo
  • Races

Thus all the news related to matches their venues, team members , all-rounder’s ,top six players, record holders , record breakers all such information we can get through the platform of Express Live.


Cricket is the most liked, most played and most watched game in Pakistan. People of Pakistan specially youth and growing kids are crazy about it .Although hockey is the national game of Pakistan but people still like it in fact crazy about it. We can easily observe a crowd of young boys playing cricket in morning and evenings in streets and local grounds especially in vacations. Young boys love to play cricket in their lawns and roofs after coming back from their schools, colleges and universities. Cricket matches specially India V/S Pakistan have their own charm people buy tickets like hot cakes and attend the live matches .On the other hand million of people watch these matches on PTV Sports sets, laptops and mobiles through different channels .News about all such matches ODI’s or T/twenty which are organized between different countries of the world are telecasted here .Not only this but Live Express TV also use to broadcast the different live discussions of the experts before and after the matches about the performance and all the circumstances affecting the games directly or indirectly. There are different news about top rakings of the expert players after their brilliant performances, records made or broke by different legendary players and the news about highlights of different matches played in past on Express News Channel.


Express TV Live under the business segment telecasts all the News related to the business, stock exchange index on daily basis. Change in the value of Pakistani currency relative to the other currencies like Euro, dirham, Dinar, Yuan as well as dollar. Up and down in the rates of petroleum, CNG, coal and other fuel used in vehicles as well as in industries. . Rate of petroleum and electricity and the negative effects of their elevated rates on industries .Production and introduction of new products in market by multinational companies are also included there .Business done by new movies in box office or anything that eventually effect the money transaction and national accounts is included Agricultural profile like the gross production of fruits, vegetables and cereals which directly and indirectly effecting the market rates of daily basis edible stuff, production of fertilizers, cement and many other industrial products etc .We can also watch news about all the scandals of different business tycoons of the country. Hence live Express News covers all the matters belongs to Pakistan and affect the GDP and the progress of the country. Now there are latest soft wares and apps, as computerised technology has revolutionised the world. Now by collecting statically data and manipulating then on graphs it is possible to get all the relative information about the fluctuations with in no time. Fluctuation in value of dollar and Pakistani currency, money exchange, rate index of the country are also in this section. There are also programs about the shares and tender notices of different companies or different projects of the companies. There are also programs about business and business men, live discussions about their experiences.

Express TV Mobile:

Express TV mobile is also one of the important features of Live Express News. As there is hustle bustle in our country, corruption is at its extreme, terrorists and cruel leaders hijacked the whole country so within a day there are many heart sobbing incidents and news about them to inform the nation that this is also happening in our own country, so that no one remains unaware about the current issues happening promptly. Samaa News can even facilitate about updates even when there is electricity failure at home through the apps in mobiles.

Express News Live:

Express online network also provide the facility o Live Streaming for internet users. If someone wants to watch Express News or any other program telecasted by Express TV then by switching into the official website of Express which is .Through this not only we can watch Express online but also can watch previous and latest episodes of different programs either live or recorded. And sometimes it happens that you are away from TV sets or there is electricity failure or any technical problem then you can alternatively use the Express online facility and happily watch all the transmission and live News online on your mobiles and laptops.

Commercials and Public Relations:

Live News use to commercialize the products (edible, household, electronics, industrial products, fabrics, paints etc) of different national and multinational companies which directly or indirectly play an important role to increase the GDP of Pakistan or at least different Pakistani firms either governmental or private. These commercials also become the source of employment of many people, many student get aware about now admissions and scholarships etc. Dunya News is also serving as a platform to inform common people about different sort of calamities and havoc diseases. One can do campaign on it about something .Public can be awarded through different electronic posters, adds, small documentaries. Fake scandals and propagandas can also be nullified by telling the real story to the people. As it is also a mean to motivate others for positive causes.

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