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Geo news live is a well renowned news channel having very huge viewership of geo tv live channel throughout in the world which is increasing day by day. One of the basic reasons behind the fame of this news channel especially in Pakistan is the present shattered conditions of Pakistan. Every where there is bloodshed, bomb blasting, political imbalance, suicides and countless other social issues round the country.So that people can get awareness, about the latest updates, that what and where the incidents going on, in the country. It normally uses to inform the people of Pakistan in their own language Urdu so that either literate or illiterate, elder or younger can equally get it.


Geo was launched in November 2005 having its main headquarter in Karachi. Geo News Liv in basically operated by very famous Jang Group playing its important role in public awareness from last few decades ,specially through print media in Pakistan. People prefer to watch Geo instead of CNN,and BCC, or other local channels because of its transmission in national language Urdu. Secondly use to broadcast sizzling live talk shows on current issues so that people can came to know about both the negative and positive aspects of the matter but also the veiled realities actually behind the exposed truth publically.

its basically a sub channel of Geo TV which was launched in May 2002.Geo TV Pakistan is Pakistan’s Television Network and it was piloted by an independent media corporation. After successful test of on 14th of August 2002 or we can say on the 55th birthday of our beloved homeland Geo TV live streaming were launched in October 1st 2002.

Live Geo is fastly growing in Pakistan and not only has it had a very high rating among many satellite delivered TV channels besides that Geo Market has wide range of distribution because of its unique features, versatile programs and sizzling Live. Geo has an excellent approach and coverage of breaking news right after the happening .People living in other areas can get to know about that at once with in no time.
In 2014 due to the political crisis in media popularity of geo news has decreased a lot and express news has got more popularity than geo.


Salient features and basic properties of as well as other channels of Geo network as a whole are given below. One can get valuable logistic and technical information about from it.

Geo Satellite

The particular Satellite which enables us to watch the Geo News Live streaming on our TV sets, desktops, laptops, mobiles and many other advance electronic devices is named as PAS-10 .Our TV sets and other devises capture these electronic signals and convert them into video and audio signal so that we can watch and here them .It is just because of this satellite that we can watch the live transmission of Dunya News at the same time in the world at the same time with same intensity.

Minute by minute Live Geo News in a world is the blessing of the PAS-10 satellite system. 68.5-Degree eastand download Link Band of it is C-Band.


the Live streaming as well as the other programs of the same network are digitally transmitted at the frequency of about 4114 Mega Hertz with horizontal polarity. While symbol rate of Geo News Live is 3300 Mega bytes / second; having FEC 2/3 and QPSK (auto) modulation.


According to Live Geo administrators and all those who are managing this channel their vision about the Geo TV Live streaming is to amplify the voices of freedom fighters, promote the positive productive actions on grass root level, to inform the public about the political scenario as well as the factors affecting the GDP of the country in positive or negative sense from the subcontinent Asia. Samaa News broadcasts highlight the social issues regarding culture, current society matters; national and international issues that directly or indirectly affect our system besides entertainment .In order to ensure its credibility and quality stuff GEO News live propagate transparency of responsibility and the authenticity.

Geo presents interesting programs, News, talk shows, morning shows, public live surveys and comedy entertaining shows for increasing it viewership. It also promotes and does human investment through human resources in order to satisfy stakeholders as well as its better anchored future and the main purpose behind its creation.


Mission of Geo TV network and especially Geo News is to inform the people. It plays it important role to aware the local folk against social evils and faults in a lot of departments leading the country. It demotes the trend of social injustice, poverty, illiteracy, humiliation of women and child labor and many other relevant problems. Geo promotes celebration on national and religious occasions by telecasting live shows, telefilms and dramas regarding to the event.Geo have a promoting dialogue as “live and let live”


“Geo” is a diplomatic word can be used in many senses and in many languages. Scientifically word geo means “world or related to world” while in Urdu language it simply means “to live on”. In short it can also be use in political sense in order to criticise or to explain through direct and indirect references. Geo TV Urdu use the statement “Har Pal Geo” relevant to its name as a slogan.


their broadcast in Urdu language .Urdu is a national language of Pakistan. Urdu is preferred on other local languages like Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, balochi, siraiki for GEO because it is the national language and has priority on other languages as it can be speak and understand by everyone either literate or illiterate equally. Being a mother language of majority of Pakistani as a single entity it shows harmony among the people of a country.

Thus we can say that Geo News Urdu are watched, liked and taken as trustworthy because of its Language, authenticity and its quick approach and command on breaking news. As there are many other News channels also but just because of their languages limited to particular area and coverage they are not as much demanded. And because of English which is un understandable here in Pakistan because of lack of awareness and poor literacy rate secondly it is not the mother language of people living here Geo Urdu are preferred to them.


Geo TV Live has launched many sub channels

  • Geo News
  • Geo Super
  • AGG TV

GEO Super

Geo super is one of the initial and the trend setters Pakistan’s sport channel introduced under the flag of GEO TV by the Independent Media Corporation (IMC).Geo Live launched this channel for sports lovers who are crazy about various sports. This channel use to provide live and recorded covering of sports matches usually held.
As it name shows “super” literary meanings as excellence .So it covers excellent matches, sports, players, shots in games, brilliant performance of sports man etc. Mission of this channel is use to broadcast games on demand of the unlimited fans of support.


Geo Live TV also has AGG TV serving local folk and entertaining them through programs. Famous presenting programs of AGG TV are:

  • Applause Revival
  • The Sahir Lodhi Show
  • The Shareef Show
  • Super Duper Gana
  • Hurn Das
  • VJ Chat Box
  • BNN
  • Punjabi  Totay


Geo New live use to telecast many sizzling and informative programs with multitalented, bold, brave and confident anchors know how to speak and inform the public where to raise the questions and how to manage when someone is trying to make mole hills .How to handle the situation in various conditions and how to tackle and ask the potent question publically in live shows and discussions
Names of the famous programs and little detail about some of them are following:

  • Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath
  • Aik Din Geo Kay Saath
  • AApas ki Baat
  • Awam Ki Adalat
  • Banana News Network
  • Capital Talk
  • Chal Parha
  • FIR
  • Capital talk is the most famous live discussion program telecasted by geo. This program is produced by Tafseer Hussain and hosted by a brilliant, fabulous man a man of words Hamid Mir. The format of the show is that there is a panel discussion of well renowned authorized people from diversified fields and political backgrounds for the possible solution or end result of some critical current issue in which all participant dialogue through every dimension in order to bare the realities.
  • Aaj Kamran Khan kay Sath is also publically appreciated show of which covers the daily round up updates of the day. Being an expert journalist Kamran khan provides the public with in-depth analysis on the current issues
  • Apas ki Baat is hosted by Najam Sethi who is an experienced and expert analyst of Pakistan. There are no diplomatic words and complex vague sentences in his dialogue in fact his best quality is to do the clear cut, to the point discussion about the issue and its whole scenario. In his show he discusses nationwide issues and their outcomes around the globe.
  • FIR is the program with high viewership. This program provide the crime reports  and detailed analysis of the crimes happened in various aspects in a lot of parta of the country.FIR is coproduced by Zeshan Shah while directed and hosted by Saqib Ali and Faheem siddique respectively.
  • Aik Din GEO Kay Sath is very interesting program presented by GEO network in which the GEO Team spend a day with a famous personalities ,legends and stars belongs to many fields of life. Weaving discussion is there by the Sohail Warraich host of the show so that to know bit more personal and real information behind the popular celebrity .Friends and family members of the personality are also there to give their reviews about it. Hence it is a program with unique entertaining and informative perspective.


Apart from many other channels telecasting various programs there are internationally renowned segments presented by GEO TV. These channels have a large no of viewership within and without the country. Many segments with brief description are given below:


Geo Pakistan covers all the daily basis events in the sectors regarding politics, social issues and all other events and incidents happening in Pakistan.

Geo World

Geo world update about all the present happening in our country. That what’s going on in the PTV world either positive or negative good or bad. People by sitting at their own place get updates about whole incident of the world.


entertaining its viewers in somewhat unique ways through Geo amazing and interesting .We know that there is a lot of tension and depression around us due to present condition of the country which also severely responsible for financial crisis. So through interesting, amazing facts, new inventions, new records and discoveries they try to divert the attention of their sad, sorrowful and depressed viewers.


Geo health used to telecast programmes and news about health, food, diseases and the treatment of diseases and new discoveries in world of medicines. Latest updates and newsletters published by WHO (world health organization) and FDA (Food and drug administration).Latest treatments, diagnostic test and medications for diseases .Researches about plants or animals affecting health in negative or positive sense.


In GEO TV entertainment we can watch new movies of Holly wood, bolly wood and lolly wood, new music videos launched and new albums unlimited photography and modelling and other artistic and creative stuff from artists. It also covers many other events and matters which can positively affect human mood or can divert attention for a while from their hectic routines.


Geo business use to present the programs about business or related to the business .Price hiking, financial profile of countries, ups and downs of prices of products like petroleum, CNG .Fluctuation in value of dollar and Pakistani currency, money exchange, rate index of the country . There are also programs about the shares and tender notices of companies or projects of the companies. There are also programs about business and business men, live discussions about their experiences.

Live Geo TV has its huge viewership and fans beyond the borders. So that’s why has its special transmissions in many countries while the significant ones are given below:

  • Geo UK
  • Geo USA
  • Geo Canada
  • Geo Japan
  • Geo Europe
  • Geo Middle East


Geo Mobile is a unique facility provided to the fans and viewers by Geo TV network .In fact Geo live TV is a pioneer of introducing its websites for mobile users so that they can get updates about anything when ever and from everywhere when desire. One can even facilitated from updates even when there is electricity failure at home. This innovative feature of Geo mobile was launched in 2008 just by visiting this one can get the stuff when required.


Geo network also provide the facility of Geo Live Streaming for internet users. If someone wants to watch or any other program telecasted by Geo TV then by switching into the official website of Geo which is live .Through this not only we can watch online but also can watch previous and latest episodes of programs either live or recorded. And sometimes it happens that you are away from TV sets or there is electricity failure or any technical problem then you can alternatively use the Geo online facility and happily watch all the transmission and live on your mobiles and laptops.


Live TV is facilitated with advanced technical machineries are required stuff. Just for instance there is a Newsroom automation service .Geo News Pakistan has a state-of-the-art newsroom seasoned with dynamic computerized system in order to pace with the current issues right now in Pakistan and also in the world. There is fully powered and strengthened news production department dealing with the nonstop news transmission up to 24 hours. That is not as easier as it appears. There is a lot of effort behind the curtain .Live TV has a full command on news operation, collection of veiled facts, feedback of local folk about public issues, script writing of minute to minute news in order to make it presentable and comprehensive, manipulation of pictures, figures and videos regarding news. In order to get know about the core of the matter or to find out the bone of contention fully approached contacts and huge network of authorized people required to manage this all simultaneously with other technical activities. Lot of hard work, time and talented people require to do work through software and programs to manage the daily schedule of programs and to handle all the cast and crew including news anchors all artists.


Graphic system used by Geo News network comprise of distribution tools for visual communication, advanced digital graphics as well as integrated enterprise content management .Using media platforms and wireless application portals there is a production of multiple featured software that make possible the formation of broadcasting graphics, virtual environment and rich visual stuff up to the mark for transmission.
&video channels up to  scale of 3.2Gb/s on an optical fiber.


Under supervision of IMC(Intelligent Media Consult) a special multi disciplinary training has been provided to round about 500 members belongs to the crew like producers, directors ,reports ,writers, camera persons and editors of Geo TV Network. Team members of this supervising team consists of multitalented people belongs to well renowned TV channels such as CNN and ARY News having designations of producers ,directors ,editors ,script writers ,camera men and presenters. This basic training course comprised of two parts in venues. One session of training was in Dubai while the other was in the city of lights Karachi, Pakistan. Time duration of this training course was round about 5 months. This multi-disciplinary training proved very beneficial as it provides awareness about usage of machineries required to deal with the establishment of fully furnished television channel. It let them know how to do work, how to maintain the efficiency of the work in thick and thin, how to polish their inner abilities and how to coordinate and communicate with each other while working in a team work. Training was further preceded with number of workshops and seminars with refreshments in around the world.


It was really a big deal for Network to get popularity among many other experienced, established and famous channels with high ratings and worldwide viewership .But just because of dedicated staff members, workers and other employers in short because of the commitment of a single person there of who prove their selves and their talent first to stand this channel and then to maintain and improve its broadcasting in Pakistan as well as in many other areas of this vast world. As we know our society is diverse multi customary society having people with religions and backgrounds with diversified cultures, mentalities and perceptions to stand upon and get a significant designation in such conditions proves the endless efforts of its committed staff behind the curtain. as well as whole Geo network is working a lot on human investment monetarily as well as voluntarily .Thus briefly we can say that Geo TV is playing its vital role towards the better future of Pakistan by awaking its folk, by warning them about coming calamities, by widening their mental range and improving their thinking skills , by sharpening their social qualities and goodness last but not the least by demoting the social and religious evils which are severely harmful for our salvation not only for us but also for our country and religion.


Live Geo TV besides serving as a TV channel only also working in the field of social working for the betterment, advancement and salvation of its people .Geo Urdu has launched many campaigns in order to aware innocent and simple people about national and international propagandas against them, their culture ,country, nation and their religion. Few of them still activated are given below:

  • Geo or jeenay do
  • Geo Dost
  • Zara sochieay


There is a very famous comedy program of Geo News Urdu named as Hum Sub Omeed Say Hain.
In which notorious leaders of Pakistan are criticized in a funny way. Same is the case with Geo and Jeenay do leaders who are dishonest to their designations and public are targeted through it in order to aware the people to do something against their rebellious actions.


Geo Urdu News has recently launched the campaign “Geo Dost” in which anyone poor or rich, young or elder, man and women can participate and can make their voices or can make them louder against social injustice. These days it is focused on mismanagement and other faults in the field of education. We can see the videos captured by the students which show the oppression and brutality on innocent small pupils by their teachers or irresponsibility and frequent absence of teachers from the schools or the fault in school management and building.

How to participate is very simple just capture pictures and videos regarding the topic and send it to the particular address. Express News network will telecast it after reviewing it. Thousands of viewers then can watch these videos or pictures on Live Geo News .So that there may be a chance of improvement and possibility to produce change and revolution.


Geo Urdu News also has launched a campaign ZARA SOCHIEAY working on the very low literacy rate of Pakistan comparative to the other developed and under developed countries. They have made documentaries about the people who started from grass root level and get remarkable success just because of education in order to inspire the people about the importance of education. It also having a slogan “parhany likhnay kay Siva Pakistan ka Matlab kya zara sochiey

Hence we can say that Geo TV is working a lot in wide range for the people of Pakistan. That’s why it is liked by the people right here. Now it is also the responsibility of Geo administrators that to use or orient this huge viewership in positive sense and on the right path so that our country get more progress in every field of life and complete other countries in every phase.

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