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‘Geo’ is one of the pioneer channels especially about sport and sport stars in Pakistan. This channel was introduces by the Independent Media Corporation (IMC) for the first time in the history of Pakistan. As its name include the word SUPER so we can say that it purely personify all the super stuff related to the sports world. super Live provides its special services and coverage of all the sports based activities on the ground not only on but off the ground also. So we can say that by Geo Super Live Streaming there is a coverage of super players and their superb performance not only this but also various super sizzling and nail biting tournaments.

Sports is all manifestations of generally intense physical movement which through easy or organised support, expect to utilize, look after or enhance physical capacity and aptitudes while giving diversion to members, and in a few cases, spectators. Hundreds of games exist, from those obliging just two members, through to those with many concurrent members, either in groups or contending as people.PTV Sports are by and large recognised as exercises which are situated in physical physicality or physical smoothness, with the biggest significant rivalries, for example, the Olympic Games conceding just games meeting this definition, and different organisations, and we can also say that blocking exercises without a physical component from characterization are also considered as sports. However, various aggressive, however non-physical, exercises claim distinguishment as brain games.

The International Olympic Committee (through ARISF) recognises both chess and scaffold as genuine games, and Sport accord, the worldwide games alliance acquaintanceship, recognises five non-physical sports in spite of the fact that restrains the measure of brain diversions which could be conceded as sports. Sports are normally administered by a set of tenets or traditions, which serve to guarantee reasonable rivalry, and permit dependable arbitration of the victor. Winning could be controlled by physical occasions, for example, scoring objectives or intersection a line initially, or by the determination of judges who are scoring components of the brandishing execution, incorporating destination or subjective measures, for example, specialized execution or creative impression. In organised sport or game, records of execution are regularly kept, and for prevalent games, this data may be broadly proclaimed or reported in game news. Also, game is a real wellspring of stimulation for non-members, with onlooker games attracting vast swarms to venues, and arriving at more extensive gatherings of people through games TV.


Main mission of this channel Geo Super Live is to become an attractive and most wanted channel among the audience regarding all sports events happening around the world and especially Pakistan. Besides this all Geo Live is also very much interested in promoting the different sports and brilliant sportsmen of Pakistan round the globe.


Vision of Live Geo Super is to be the ultimate choice of viewers as it is among the many few channels of Pakistani channels that use to cover sports, brilliant glittering sport stars there performances and their lives.


Specialised strategy on which all the working based is to aware the audience and viewers about the latest updates of sports different events and regarding activities in the whole world. There are different sports related programs also on live both for the sake of entertainment and information. One can watch live Geo on its official website also.


Live Geo administrators have a special commitment to the viewers interested in sports in order to keep them aware and informed about their favourite sports man their glittering glamorous life as well as normal causal one. Not only this but analysis of different sports and reviews by the different experts about the on the ground performance, effort, patience, improvement and consistency.


Geo Super TV live is among the beginners who started to work on sports only. As Geo live streaming has its nonstop transmission 24 hours all about sports. This channel was launched in September 2007.Before this Geo news urdu Network had already launched its sister channels as well. After very good feedback from the viewers Geo Group Network decided to launch a specified channel specially dedicated to sports. In Pakistan out of many few games are very much liked Cricket is at the top among all while other sports are hockey, football, tennis, badminton, races, wrestling, and many other. After its foundation and establishment Geo Super TV live administrators made it possible to deal with and manage the ICC tournaments for the few years and covered the entire related event related to the cricket like:

  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • Twenty 20 World Cup
  • Faysal Bank T20 Cup
  • ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the global title of One Day International (ODI) cricket. The occasion is organised by the game's administering figure, the International Cricket Council (ICC), with preparatory capability rounds hinting at a finals competition which is held like clockwork. The competition is one of the planet's most seen brandishing occasions, stacked up behind just the FIFA World Cup and the Summer Olympics, and is viewed as the "lead occasion of the global cricket datebook" by the ICC.

The primary World Cup was organised in England in June 1975, with the first ODI cricket match having been played just four years earlier. Then again, a differentiate Women's Cricket PTV World Cup had been held two prior years the first men's competition, and a competition including different global groups had been held as unanticipated as 1912, when a "triangular" competition of Test matches was played between Australia, England and South Africa. Each of the first three World Cups were held in England. From the 1987 competition onwards, facilitating has been imparted between nations under an informal revolution framework, with fourteen ICC parts having facilitated no less than one match in the competition. Facilitating of a solitary version is frequently imparted between neighbouring nations the competition's latest release (held in 2011 and won by India, was imparted between Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka.

The up to date Olympic Games are the leading worldwide brandishing occasion emphasizing summer and winter sports rivalries in which many jocks partake in a mixture of rivalries. The Olympic Games are acknowledged to be the planet's premier games rivalry with more than 200 countries participating. The Olympic Games are held like clockwork, with the summer and Winter Games substituting, significance they each one happen at regular intervals yet two years separated. Their creation was roused by the old Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia, Greece, from the eighth century BC to the fourth century AD. Noble Pierre de Coubertin established the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894. The IOC is the administering assemblage of the Olympic Movement, with the Olympic Charter characterizing its structure and power. The advancement of the Olympic Movement throughout the twentieth and 21st centuries has brought about some progressions to the Olympic Games. Some of these alterations incorporate the formation of the Winter Games for ice and winter brandishes, the Paralympics Games for contenders with incapacity, and the Youth Olympic Games for young jocks. The IOC has needed to acclimate to a mixture of budgetary, political, and mechanical progressions. Accordingly, the Olympics moved far from immaculate unprofessionalism, as imagined by Coubertin, to permit investment of expert jocks. The developing significance of broad communications made the issue of corporate sponsorship and commercialization of the Games. Planet wars accelerated the dropping of the 1916, 1940, and 1944 Games. Vast blacklists throughout the Cold War constrained support in the 1980 and 1984 Games.

Sports have developed in scale to the focus that almost every country is spoken to. Such development has made various tests, incorporating blacklists, doping, pay off, and demonstrations of terrorism. Like clockwork the Olympics and its media presentation give obscure contenders the opportunity to accomplish national and here and there worldwide distinction. The sports additionally constitute a chance for the host city and nation to showcase themselves to the planet.

Basic Information:


Geo TV network are the legal ,active owners of Geo which was officially launched in 2007.

Picture Format:

Picture format of Geo Super is $:3 (576i,SDTV).


Important information about regarding satellite is PAKSAT (Pakistan) 3797MHz ¾ , Intelsat 10 (Asia) 3333-2/3, Dish Network USA Channel 747 , True Visions (Thailand) Channel 873.


As every channel and there competitive platform has their own slogan for promotion publication designed with accordance to the aim and vision. Slogan of Geo is JEET KAY GEO.As we all know that this channel is all about sports. We can say that eventual purpose of playing a game is victory or to win it. So the slogan is also about victory and that’s true no one can ever forget the winning moment in his or her life.


Headquarters of GEO Super TV are also present in Pakistan.

Sister Channels:

Sister Channels are all those channels launched by the same network or group .Geo also has few sister channels which are given below:

  • Geo TV
  • Geo News
  • Geo English
  • AAG TV
  • Geo Kids


For Geo Super online features and services official registered website of is channels are free only in Pakistan for cable operators. One can enjoy live streaming here.


Geo tv always covers all the major and special events in the world of sport just for instance boxing, basket ball, hockey, football, wrestling and tennis and many other important sports also. Live Cricket streaming can be enjoyed through Geo Super. Various worldwide events like and Pakistan Boxing are highlighted one among the different events .Now in  collaboration with Pakistan Football Federation, Geo news has also  launched the competition involving the 5  different big cities of Pakistan having their own football clubs in a league format competition for the betterment , salvation  of football in Pakistan like many other games significantly   live cricket. As we all know that Geo is a Pakistan based sports channel and it has focused on the domestic sports in the country and has broadcasted events like 52nd National Badminton Championship, 34th National Snooker Championship, 2nd Ranking Snooker Championship, Pentangular 6 Red Snooker Team Series, Shandur Polo Cup 2008, MAC Kyokushin, Spring Blossom Polo Festival, 16th National Skiing Championship,and many others  matches and events will telecast  more of the domestic sports in the future Insha’Allah. It bought rights to show Brazilian League 2011/12 live on the channel. The network also broadcasts the Kabaddi which is one of our cultural game and for sureWorld Cup in Pakistan. It has shown thein Pakistan and also broadcasted  the in Pakistan. But Geo cricket live has its own importance among the all other transmissions.


Espnstar is operated by ESPN Star Sports live network having a joint venture between ESPN International and Star TV for the telecasting programs in different countries like China, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan and South Asia .It also publish and telecast different stuff related to the leading sports personalities.
There are different type of websites also devoted to different sports just for instance ESPN cricinfo is one of the British sports news website which is purely devoted to the cricket. One can for sure enjoy Live Cricket streaming through it. Cricinfo presents its specified features about the coverage of different matches and different sport experts, history of different matches and players etc.

Star Crricket live is one of the well known channel of the start network one of its sister channel Star Cricket live  is basically now transformed into Star Sport right in November 2013.No doubt that now it is considered as the first Hindi Sports Channel. As far as Star Cricket is confirmed it was 24 hour channel based on cricket of course. Star Cricket live  was owned by the Star TV network and Fox international Channels and it is also one of the important parts of Fox Sports Asia network. This channel telecast first class cricket actions throughout the world. Star Sports as its name showing dedicated to sports use to telecast pre-recorded and highlights of already organised matches based on regional, national and international platforms. Cricket is one of the most focussed sports by this channel. Star cricket just because of its cricket based programs earned huge viewership from India. Now star cricket is one of the well known sports related channel of India.

Live Scores:

We can say that live scores are also the special services provided by the sports related websites and for the broadcasters. It provides the fundamental information about the various disciplines related to sports.


Bolain Kya Bat Hay:

This is a live talk show program having a specialised format in which different sports are discussed under three invited experts as a guest related to that sport. Initially this sport was presided by Mirza Iqbal but now it’s hosting is done by Naseem  Rajput .This program use to telecast more then 3-4 days in a week.

Yeh Hay Cricket Pakistan:

Host of this program is Ali Salman. This program is based on the live cricket. For all those who are interested in cricket live streaming specially. People of Pakistan are crazy about live cricket .They love to play and watch cricket live .In streets and grounds we can see young boys playing people with enthusiasm. Well this program use to telecast on weekends in the presence of guests every week there are different experts invited as experts and they use to discuss different matches played in different tournaments, live scores they made on the field. Only the Pakistan and its competent teams and players are discussed in this program. Cricket live streaming can be watches either through Samaa TV sets or online through official website. One can watch live cricket Geo Super any time switching into it while current days of cricket tournaments.

As Cricket is a bat-and-ball amusement played between two groups of 11 players on a field at the inside of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. Each one group takes it thus to bat, endeavouring to score runs, while the other group fields. Each one turn is regarded as an innings. The bowler conveys the ball to the batsman who endeavours to hit the ball with his bat far enough for him to rushed to the next close of the pitch and score a run. Every batsman keeps batting until he is out. The batting group keeps batting until ten batsmen are out, at which focus the groups switch parts and the fielding group comes into bat. In expert cricket the length of an amusement ranges from 20 over of six rocking the bowling alley conveyances for every side to Test cricket played over five days. The Laws of Cricket are administered by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) with extra Standard Playing Conditions for Test matches and One Day Internationals. Cricket was initially played in southern England in the sixteenth century. Toward the conclusion of the eighteenth century, it had advanced into the national game of England. The development of the British Empire prompted cricket live being played abroad and by the mid-nineteenth century the first global matches were being held. The ICC, the diversion's administering figure, has 10 full members.[2] The amusement is most well known in Australasia, England, the Indian subcontinent, the West Indies and Southern Africa.
Geo cricket live is one of the good and easily available platforms to enjoy live cricket streaming.


This program of Geo Super is a talk show in which guest and host discussed various sports played by the Pakistani team like cricket, hockey, basket ball, badminton. Host of this program is Syed Yayhya Hussaini. As name of this program is depicting that in this program expert’s use to discuss score earned by the experts’ stars of sports world. There are discussion based programs while during the matches even there is discussion about live score made by the experts. Best performance of the sport stars are modulated and appreciated in this program.Express News program telecasted from Monday to Friday working days of the week.

Thanda Garam Show:

This show comprise of multiple hosts named Sawera Pasha with Waheed Khan .This program is telecasted from Monday to Friday at night .Special quality of this program is that in this every sport is discussed specially focussed the current one definitely.

Super Classics:

Skindar Bakht is the host of this program of Geo Super is Sikander Bakt while this program uses to telecast on Friday only .Well motive of this program or we can say talk show is to discuss in details the key performance of brilliants sportsmen in important matches held before.

Super Gossip:

Fazeela Saba anchor of this program of Geo Super which usually telecast at night on Monday. We all know that in the same field work there is a sense of competency among the colleagues same is what happens with the sports man of the same sport they use to comment about each other. Our viewers are really crazy about such type of compliments they love to watch and hearing such sizzling and juicy stuff about starts time by time.

Geo Super Live stream taken off-air

On 7 April 2011 few years back Geo tv live stream was banned from broadcasting in Pakistan by PEMRA because of the disputes relating to broadcast from another country. But luckily broadcasting was uplifted by 2 -3 months later.


As this channel is somewhat different and unique from the other channels as only the sports and sports related programs are telecasted here that’s the only reason people like sports also like this programs. Male especially young boys like Live Geo Super and Dunya News its program very much instead of girls as they are much more interested in fashion show biz, gossips, and story based drama serials and telefilms.

Geo provides entertainment as well   as publicity about other sports related products and actors; we can also get about the annual graph of the any sport, annual performance of each and every player specially the people who played brilliantly on the ground. We can also watch those who made new records and those who broke the already created records. Hence we can see in-depth everything about or related to sports. Watch Geo Super live transmission any time through your own devises like mobiles, iPods, iPads , laptops, desktop etc.

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