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One of the premiers entertaining channel in Pakistan. Hum TV live is geared towards the availability of interesting, entertaining, knowledgeable society based stuff for the while family. Now days we can observe around us that our society getting bolder and bolder and no doubt social media is playing its vital role in this aspect .Main role of social media is to provide awareness about all the latest events or worthwhile occasions round the globe of course along with interesting stuff. Every one want to be entertained but no one want to spoil its generation so family channel are really liked and promoted in the families for sake of home based indoor entertainment.

Hum live is one of the worth watching channels of Pakistan the basic reason behind it is its well quality and versatile productions.
geo live tv produce variety of programs like soap operas, live morning shows, game shows, programs related to career and child care, programs about feminine issues and many other latest programs targeting social issues related to the everyday life of majority of the people. We all also know that also offers many block buster drama serials with outclass input and remarkable feedback.

Mission Statement:

Mission is to make possible the production of outstanding and relevant entertaining content according to the interest of audience with the help of possible professional practices to ensure the long term continuity.


Hum was founded under the flag of Eye Television Network Ltd which has the credit to excellently manage 3 very famous channels live is one of them while other are Masala TV and secound sister channel isStyle 360.Managed through the public limited company and it was incorporated in 2004.After presenting its quality entertaining productions within limited time period Hum TV Live was then added in Karachi Stock Exchange in July 2005.In order to broadcast from Pakistan it was licensed from PEMRA.

Basic Information:

its use to presents its interesting productions round the clock .It is based in Karachi Pakistan.
It was the very first brand introduced by the Hum Network Limited which was previously known as Eye Television Network but changed into Dunya News on 21st January, 2011.Hum Live initiates its transmission on 17th January 2005 and now it is so flourished that it has now presented its own Award ceremony in 2013.

Satellite & Picture Format:

Programs of Hum can be watched in Asia Middle East and Australia through the Asia Sat 3s having the features 4155H,9.833-3/5.It has dish network (USA) while picture format of it is 4:3(576i, SDTV).


Famous slogan of TV is “Pure Entertainment”. We usually watch and hear it in its different programs, their promotions and trailers.

Sister Channels:

As mentioned above the Hum has two sister channels their names are given below:

  • Style 360
  • Masala TV


USA specially designed and presented to introduce and broadcast the special stuff related to Pakistan and USA. We all know the role and entire entity of USA around the world. All of us also know about the present condition of Pakistan. So we can say without any offense that in this tense condition social media can play its significant role to soothe the circumstances .This is the special channel for the viewers who typically belong to USA or settled in USA so that we can introduce our terms, civilizations and customs there to make them realize that we are not as made as our impression is secondly this channels also become the mean of patriotic pleasance for those who are living away from Pakistan they can watch their own people and values and festivals through it.
Now ARY News has introduces many more oriented sub channels like

  • Hum Canada

As its name showing that this is especially for the natives of Canada. Those Pakistani who have immigrated to Canada for the residential, education or business purposes though live abroad but miss their people and customs so in order to get in touch with Pakistani society and its current situation Hum Canada is providing an excellent platform.

  • Hum Mena

Hum Mena is presenting its special transmission for the people living in Mena. After day long jobs and work everyone wants some suitable mean of refreshment to get fresh once again as consecutive hard practice can cause frustration and eventually complications and spoil of mood. So for change people of Mena can enjoy the transmission of Hum Mena.

  • Hum Europe

Hum Europe is for Europeans so that they remain in touch with new and old presentations of hum a mean of awareness and family entertainment.
So above mention all the channels provide their services to the particular part of the world. Mission and objectives of these channels are also same as Hum USA. Hence one can enjoy the entertaining presentations and telecasts of Express News from different countries of the world conveniently.


Hum use to present variety of programs time by time. Some of them are occasionally specially deals with the times and conditions with the reference of some festival , mega event the current happenings relevant to some significant occasions while some programs are related to current social issues abundantly present or effecting our society. Especially all those social issues which are either extremely highlighted or should be highlighted on extreme level both are discussed and telecasted right here.
List of variety of programs presented by is given below:

  • Serials
  • Soaps
  • Sitcoms
  • Series
  • Telefilms
  • Mega shows


Under this section we can watch well glamour social issues in form of drama serials.
Hum TV dramas list is given below:

  • Mojhay: Khuda Pay Yakeen Hay

This is ongoing drama serial of TV which is directed by Barkat Ali sidiki.While the writers of this drama are Seema Munaf and Atiya Dawood.

  • Aseer Zadi

Aseer Zadi drama Hum is all about traditional family with awkward family customs. Director of this drama serial is Ehtesham uddin while the writer is Mustafa Afridi.

  • Khoya Khoya Chand:

This drama serial is directed by Faheem Burney and produced by Ali Afzal.Faiza iftekhar has written the story of it

  • Kadurat:

Like othe Hum TV dramas this is also very interesting drama serial which excellent and expert artists.Plot of this drama is an abandoned girl named as meera .She was abandoned by her mother at the age of 8 years. His father remarries to a women already have 2 kids this all situation is unadoptable to meera that’s why she use to make issues and problems for her family members by hook n crook. In order to teach her a lesson her father sent her to an hostel but after completing her education she again doing the same.

  • Ristai Kuch Adhorai Sai:

This drama serial of Express News is about a limited customize family with all the social restrictions and limitations on the girls but the elder daughter being rebellious from the limitations carry on its journey of being a singer. She has to then do an arrange marriage with a boy belong to a rich family but unfortunately she has to go for it on air program and despite her utmost desire she could reach her home on time meanwhile her mother being frightened to her father compelled her younger sister to sit in veil in place of her. Now what will be her future and after effect of this blunder.

  • Halki si Khalish:

Like other Hum TV drams this drama serial also comprise on talented artists .This drama serial revolves about love story, marriage and proposals of two sisters. This is directed by adnan Wai Qureshi and written by Atia Dawood .

  • Kankar

This drama serial is about one of the most significant social issues girls have to face after there marriages especially after arrange marriages. Main plot of the story is a lively girl who got married to a financial strong boy but who changes his attitude after a marriage. Now the girl is upset and unsatisfied with its married personal life. This drama serial is directed by Abis Raza, written by Umera Ahmad while it is produced by six sigma producers.

  • Zindagi Gulzar Hay:

This was the 2nd mega hit production of the after “Humsafar” .Besides the story drama songs are also very melodious and high in demand and appreciated by the viewers.Cast of this drama serial comprise of Fawad Khan,Mehreen Raheel, Sanum Saeed,

Samina Peerzada, Javed Shieh etc.The story of the drama rounds about a love story and its hirdle one has to face in its life.

  • Ullo Baraye Farokht Nahi:

dramas are famous and highly appreciated because they use to highlight the common problems majority of people have to face in their lives. So when people watch these dramas feel their stories like their own. This drama serial is based on the story of a girl who fell in love with her own teacher who never appreciated her. Then suddenly her father dies and her siblings use to marry with in family .Eventually being single in male dominating society it’s become difficult for her to live a normal neutral sustainable life. This is directed by Kashif Nisar and written by Amna Mufti.In cast of the show significant actors are Nauman Ejaz,Noman Masood, Saba Qamar, Sohail ahmad, Yumna Zaidi and Isra Ghazal.

  • Roshun Sitara:

Directorof this serial was Siraj ul Haq while Sarwat nazeer has written this. This story was based on the love story spanning among two generation in first generation girl’s mother married her to a feudal man in greed while the hero dies of because of broken heart as the time goes second generation grew up in that case hero’s younger brother fall in love with the heroin daughter .

  • Tanhai:

This is a story of a boy whose wife deceives her on continuous insisting by her mother he got married to a girl belong to a middle class family initially they have to face a problem but then everything got better seeing this his ex wife start teasing and irritating their lives.

  • Dil e Muztar:

Dil e Muztar is wriiten by  Aliya bukhari and directes by shahzad Kashmiri.Its cast comprise of Sanum Jhung,Imran Abbas,Sarwat Gilani, Hamayuon Saeed, Saba Hameed, Shakeel Ahmad ,Ismat zaidi, Mohsin Gilani, Rabia Noureen ,Shameem hilali etc.This is a story about the working girl who has to manage her job and career. Because of her job she has to face problems in her marriage life.

  • Rehai:

Nauman Ejaz , samina Peerzada, Maria Wasti , saniya Shamshad has worked in this serial which has been  Witten and directed by Farhat Ishtiaq and Mehreen Jabbar respectively. This drama serial is base on the feminine issues in our society where if first wife unable to give birth to child then husbands marry someone else. Secondly gender consciousness and wish to get a boy has created infinite problems in society though it’s all predefined by God but still women has to face a lot of pain and piercing words from husbands in-laws and surroundings.

  • Jiya na Jaey:

In this drama serial a girl compelled by his father to marriage his notorious cousin. Who instead of getting better makes the life of his wife like hell. He pressurize her to do job and other activities she does not wanted do and himself remain pig headed, greedy and irresponsible

Names of some other famous Hum TV dramas are mentioned below:

  • Humnasheen
  • Bari Apaa
  • Shehr e zaat
  • Dastaan
  • Zard Mausam
  • Masehaa
  • Bilqees Kaur

Out of above mentioned Hum TV Dramas many of them were very much hit while few were block buster sky scrapers a big folk liked them and they are so famous that everywhere in society people use to discuss them specially in friend circles and ladies corners there was a lot of discussion about them. While these days too no doubt is presenting such dramas.


Names of the famous soaps presented by HumTV network are mentioned in the following list:

  • Ishq Humari Galiyon Mai
  • Chubhan
  • Ek Pagal Si Larki
  • Main Hari Piya
  • Mera Bhi Koi Ghar Hota
  • Mer Jain Bhi Tu Kya
  • Rajoo Rocket
  • Nikhar Gaey Gulab Saray.


Listed below are the names of very interesting sitcoms Presented by Hum TV network.

  • Ghalti Say Mistake Ho Gai
  • Namak Paray
  • Extras
  • Halka Na lo
  • Fun Khana


Hum Network also presented a telefilms named as “ Be had”. Plot of which was an unlucky girls lost his father while she was too young. Because of the decision of her mother about her remarry she faced many tensed conditions in its life.


One of the very famous series of Hum network was “Kitni girhain Baqi Hain” .Producers of this Hum drama series are Angeline Malik and Dr.Azra Faiz .This Drama series is based on the reality based issues and matters use to happen in our society normally which are dramatized into exclusive episodes by the remarkable characters. These factual based stories are moral and heart touching and one can learn a lot about life, society and interaction of the people in their circle from them.


There are also few shows which are presented by PTV Home few are still ongoing.
Names of three main shows by tv network are given below:

  • Service Hum 1st Awards

Well as we all know that few years back Pakistan show industry was dandling between powerful waves of destruction and there was no mean or logical hope to aid anchoring or sand by in that conditions Hum TV network took its start right from the grass root level and then succeeded to divert the attention of majority of folk from Indian soaps and operas.
tv presented its blockbuster productions which are highly appreciated throughout the country and its outside also. Service 1st tv awards was then organize to acknowledge and admire the hardworking and unbeatable talent of all those actors, producers, directors, script writers and all the cast and crew worked back stage.

  • Pakistani:

This is a special show to promote Pakistani trends, culture and civilization which is usually presented on different events.”Pakistani” is directed by Rehan Ahmed and written by Nayyar Rubab Khan.

  • Jago Pakistan Jago:

Jago Pakistan Jago is a well famed morning show of Hum TV network which is written by Samiullah Khan directed by Haji Al Blos.In cast and producers of show are Fahad Mustafa and Rehan Ahmed respectively. This show no doubt is a mix amalgam of entertainment, energy and information. Such an enthusiastic start with lot of useful words, and things really potentiate the day.


Under this section there are some entertaining and most liked presentations of Hum TV .Telecasted in last few years. Name of them are recalled in the following list:

  • Mera Naseeb
  • Qaed e Tanhai
  • Pani Jesa Pyar
  • Main Abdul Qadir Hon
  • Meray Qatil Meray dildar
  • Maat
  • Humsafar

Unlikely to the past few decades now there are hundreds of TV channels and there is a lot of competition among them regarding to the casts, glamour, story etc .To stand upon and become significant in a short period of time it was really a hard nut to crack but Hum TV live has proved that it’s possible to get destination by hardworking. Secondly the most important fact about live is that it is a family channel one can enjoy its dramas and other production while sitting in family among kids and siblings in this way it’s not only provide the chance to sit together but also divert the attention from other vulgar TV channels spoiling our society specially the youth.
Besides that Pakistani dramas Aaj tv point out the different evils present in our society. So that everyone think about its eventual positive and negative effects. dramas use to raise the questions and problems about many social issues like:

  • Social Injustice
  • Poverty
  • Hunger
  • Status Difference
  • Dowry
  • Political career
  • Youth and society
  • Women Empowerment
  • Love and affair matters
  • Before & after marriage problems
  • Gender difference
  • Education & its effects
  • Social media & its role in Society
  • Unemployment
  • Food & its standard
  • Dressing
  • Religion
  • Changing trends in society

One can go through all these topics while watching different shows, programs and dramas. Hence one can enjoy a great variety of programs through a single platform in order to manage efficiently and keep organise d the telecast there is a Hum TV schedule .According to that schedule day and time of every program is predefined so that interested so that those who are interested in watching drams can then conveniently watch particular drama in its specific time according to the standard time of Pakistan. In case of inconvenience one can also go through the dramas list through internet. online can be watched on its official website .

In case of electricity failure or any other situation when TV sets are unapproachable one can still enjoy its favourite drama through Hum Live streaming through this Hum Live stream there are exactly the same on-air transmission can be watched which is going on tv sets. Hence with the aid of latest devices like laptops, I-pads, I-Pods, mobiles, and androids one can now enjoy live stream by downloading special apps. Not only this but one can also watch the previous or missed episodes of Hum drams online.

Online tv also provides the opportunity to know about the cast, producers, writers and directors of different dramas and shows. Through dramas online one can watch all the presented episodes of drama serial or soap in single attempt. While watching Samaa tv drama online one can also gives its feedback on their official website and other official fan pages. In short watching Hum tv can be the source of complete family entertainment package.

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