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In this era where there is hustle and bustle around us. We can easily observe this fact around us that we are living in form of groups and gatherings known as families and communities, respectively. Beyond this family circle, PTV Home everyone has its own social circle, too. One can communicate and share with others easily with in a particular event. We all know that science has changed the world. With no offense, we can say that this vast and diverse planet Earth has been changed into a global village. This is happened because of marvelous researches and chain of successful experiments in the field of science. Let’s have a deep look in the scientific phenomena with respect to communication. In order to communicate with local folk or with the number of people living in different areas, initially print media like newspapers, magazines, books, and newsletters were introduced. With rapidly developing technologies those mediums now replaced by electronic media comprising of television, radio, and the Internet, etc.


Pakistan Television channels play a vital role in this aspect. These days, there is an explosion of television channels. There are hundred plus channels we can watch on antenna, dish and cables network. Different channels have their transmissions in different languages and different cultures of course .Some are broadcasted in Arabic from Arabic countries. Most of them are related to our Holy religious places and religion Islam. We can watch all our religious events like Hajj or Umrah on our Samaa tv sets; not only this but also religious debates and discussions for our guidance and refreshment of our faith; while some transmissions are throughout in English from USA, UK and other western states. There are many local channels in Urdu and Punjabi. Through which we can watch traditional movies and dramas especially which are focused on our social issues. Every channel has its own vision and mission according to which it is working.

Pakistan television is a pioneer channel in the broadcasting history of Pakistan. On November 26th, 1964, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a PTV live streaming in black and white transmission was broadcasted from Lahore by an international organization, NEC (National Education Commission), licensed from the government of Pakistan. And from then till now Pakistan Television Station is offering different live as well as pre recorded programs. It was just because of PTV live streaming that Public got amused from PTV live sports and other on air program .People were very happy as they could get ball by ball updates of cricket matches organized in different part of the world just by switching into the PTV live transmissions.

Not only this but people also gets informed and entertained by Geo news live tv interviews of different legendary personalities belong to different fields. So that people may come to know about their qualities, their families, their lifestyles and something about all the stages of their lives they covered to get success and fame. Live PTV awards shows were also there in which marvelous glittering stars of the country are awarded because of their skills and talent. These programs either organized nationally or internationally and can be watched just by switching on television sets through live PTV transmission .PTV ruled the hearts of Pakistanis for a long time as it was the only TV Channel in Pakistan at that time. As one can get entertainment as well as daily updates through it. There was a specific time of transmission for different type of program like Tilawat, dramas and news bulletin .It was all in one or a complete package indeed. At the beginning TV sets were not so common. They were only present in commercial places like restaurants, hotels, or in the home of rich people only. It was observed that kids and ladies of whole area are use to gather in someone’s house in order to watch the dramas and movies broadcasted through Pakistan Television station.

In the beginning, there were just 30 employees. But no doubt they were all dedicated to their work and it was just because of them PTV got a lot of success. To run a nationwide television station is not as easy as it looks. To take a check on cast, timing of broadcasting; to make people aware from our local trends and not to telecast anything contradictory to religious, national or political issues it was provided with all the requirements s. Those multitalented team members were truly responsible for the anchored roots of PTV in Pakistan.

People were not properly aware of the benefits of electronic media; in fact they had a bad perception about it. But we must understand that every picture has two faces. It’s all about us either we get advantage or misuse it. But through it they could obtain the latest updates, news bulletin ; could introduce their culture, rituals, religious and national festivals and their other occasional matters to the other nations, and can amuse themselves with international sports, as it has national and international coverage. Unluckily, Dunya News had to bear heavy losses as it was unable to achieve the desired revenues and half of its shares were sold to the government. Finally, it was nationalized in 1971. Different centers were made, like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, and Quetta Centre; in different areas of the country. As in the initial four centers were there from different provinces of Pakistan. In order to sustain harmony and to strengthen unity among the people of the country.

  • Lahore Centre depicting culture of Punjab.
  • Karachi Centre exhibiting trends and civilization of Sindh.
  • Peshawar centre showing rituals of KPK.
  • Quetta centre displaying the true picture of the custom’s of Baluchistan.

At the very beginning, the PTV administration was comprised of few multitalented people such as Ubaidur Rahman, the first General Manager, (Founder and Chief Executive of PTV); the appointment of President Ayub Khan Nasir Hussain as producer; Aslam Azhar; Zubair Chaudry, etc.
PTV introduced the mentors of showbiz industry like, Ashfaque Ahmed, Shoaib ,Hashmi, Kanwal Naseer ,Ali Rizvi ,Anwar Maqsood, Taj haider etc. There is a long list of super hit ARY News dramas which were highly appreciated by local folk. Some of old PTV dramas are as below

  • Khuda ki basti
  • Uncle olfi
  • Afshan,Shahzori
  • Dhoop kinaray
  • Fifty Fifty
  • Waris
  • Dhoop kinare
  • Angan terha
  • Tanhayan
  • Alif noon
  • Studio dhai
  • Alfa bravo Charlie

The main reason behind the popularity of PTV dramas is that they are based on our own culture and rituals .Express the story of local folk but in bit glamorous form. One can see them now through PTV online services.

Even there is a record of deserted streets because of PTV Bolan drama like “Waris” in Pakistan. This drama comprised of 13 episodes for 1 hour each, weekly. It was written by Amjad Islam Amjad and directed by Nusrat Thakur. Hero of the drama was Abid Ali a well renewed actor of Pakistan. The main plot of drama was zimidar of a village. And the cast of the drama was Khayam sarhadi,Waris Ali,Firdaus Jamal,Mehboob alam etc. Episodes of Waris can b seen by new generation on PTV Online old dramas in order to feel the feelings of old glorious past.

One of the initial PTV drama “Alif Noon” was also appreciated by the public as any one belong to any age group liked it a lot. Basically it was a comedy serial having Rafi Khawar an Nannah and Kamal Ahmed Rizvi as Allan .It was written b a famous writer Kamal Ahmed Rizvi. The plot of drama is that Allan is a money minded person want be rich with in no time by hook and crook on the other side Nannah is a rural dumb person that’s why Allan use him as his tool or helper while to do something.

In order not to compromise with its quality Director Programs Administration introduced the department of PTV Censor Board in 1968 and it was further approved by Secretary Ministry of IMD in December 1980.This board have to do bundle of tasks like to ensure that either the stuff is according to the custom or not. And to ensure that either the transmission is produced by registered organization. This is also one of the responsibilities of the PTV Censor Board to make the transmission within the perfect timings and days as per demand regardless of the circumstances whether they are favorable or not.


Pakistan Television has launched their multiple sub channels like

  • PTV Global
  • PTV Sports
  • PTV News
  • PTV National
  • PTV Bolan
  • AJK TV
  • PTV Home

PTV Global is a selective channel which uses to broadcast the particular programs from other channels of PTV .It is also on air in USA and UK where it is free. It is also under the control of government of the Pakistan. It is also watchable on Dish network.PTV Sport is 24 hours channel offered by Pakistan Television Corporation .It usually telecasts different sports events like cricket, hockey etc.PTV National is the source of worldwide awareness to the people of Pakistan as it comprises of daily bulletin in Urdu as well as in English.

PTV Home

PTV is a well renewed channel which is watchable 24 hours in a day through antenna sets, on dish as well as on cable networks. It truly depicts Pakistan; its cultures and its civilization in the form on different programs like PTV dramas, live shows, talk shows, interviews, etc. In short it is an interesting channel; one can watch PTV Home live with its family and kids as well without any hesitation.

PTV live tv is unique from other channels because it covers a wide range of different programs and it is a complete family channel .One can easily get all type of stuff through PTV live channel. It can be watched not only in Pakistan but also in different areas of this vast world through satellites. Mother channel of PTV Home is PTV as it was launched through the same platform of Pakistan Television Corporation like many other channels. It has all the basic qualities of PTV itself that’s the reason its history and background are not different then PTV itself .This channel has a high viewership as compare to other terrestrial as well as cable channels of Pakistan .Actually PTV Home is very famous among the middle and low class Pakistani community and specially among those who still have antenna networks only. Millions of people are regular viewers of PTV home .Main headquarter of PTV is situated in Islamabad which is capital of Pakistan.
Mr.Baig Mirza who is acting as managing director of PTV has their personal views about it as:

Change is the essence of life, and Movement the living proof. When we say we are Changing, it means that we are coming closer to what your heart desires, more open minded than ever to embracing your ever changing likes and dislikes. We are moving in a direction that does not digress from our traditions and roots, from which stems a deep sense of responsibility, patriotism and consideration for what you hold close to your heart. We are using our vast experience and vision, guided by your wisdom, to bring News, Information, Infotainment and Entertainment where it truly belongs.

Regardless of various Capital TV channels PTV Home remain succeeded in the maintenance of its fame and viewership. The only reason for that is a high quality program that’s really effects the emotions, thinking and heartier feelings of Pakistani folk. Given below are the different classes of programs which this single channel uses to cover with great efficiency:

  • Recite of Holly Quran and Dua
  • Cartoons
  • Morning shows
  • News Bulletin
  • Morning show
  • PTV Dramas’
  • Talk shows
  • Sport Matches
  • Cooking shows
  • Puppet shows and general knowledge programs for kids
  • Travel Guide
  • Discussion on Holy Quran and other occasional religious programs
  • Special tributes to legendary bodies
  • Poetry’s  programs
  • Many other Occasional programs on National and International events

Morning Shows:

There are many morning shows telecasted by PTV Home
Just like MEENA BAZAR which was hosted by Ayesha Sana for a long period of time. The show comprised of many segments like cooking, make up, exercise, fashion, floral art, Islamic Discussion, Live participation and chat with celebrities etc
After that there was the program named MORNING WITH NOOR this show was anchored by well known Pakistani film star Noor. This show also had the qualities like the formal morning shows.

These days PTV is broadcasting a morning show named as MORNING WITH JUGGAN it is hosted by Juggun Kazmi .The show comprises of cooking, and discussion from multitalented people who roosted there fame in society.


There are remarkable PT V Home dramas too that really affected our souls. Many of them are still in our good memories and many more are under production and indifferent phases of production. Significant ones are given below:

  • Ghar
  • Khalida ki walida
  • Ankh bhara  asman
  • Talafi
  • Mannat
  • Badalta hay rung
  • Koi mere dil say Pooche
  • Bay imaan
  • Sayan ve
  • Chalo phir say je ke dekhain
  • Takmeel
  • Sehaliyan
  • Ek doojey ke liay
  • Bahanay tere
  • Pain killer
  • Samjhota Express
  • Dagh e Nadamt
  • Heer Ranjha

From above mentioned long list of PTV Dramas serials lets have few words on some of them

Samjhota Express:

This drama serial is based on the notorious indo-Pak incident .Samjhota express was a weekly train between India and Pakistan which became a victim of terrorist attack .This drama serial is produced by Ali tahir and written by Naeem Tahir.Its cast contains Ali Tahir, Naeem Tahir,Noman Ejaz,Zeba Bakhtiyar,Farhan Ali Agha etc. Viewers can get much better information about it through online PTV home.

Heer Ranjha:

This drama serial is based on our lok Stories. Depicts the historic view of out civilization. This drama serial is directed by Shahid Zahoor.Writer of this drama is Ahmed Akeel Ruby.Its cast comprise of Zaria Butt,Ahsan Khan,Shafquat Cheema,Sohail Sameer.


It is also one of the upcoming Aaj tv drama focused on medical issues in our society. Beside entertainment it also informs us about the bridge and social barrier between doctors and patients and fatal diseases.

PTV Home online:

PTV Home online gives us an opportunity to get amused through old dramas telecasted a long time ago in the time of our fathers and forefathers .One can upload and can watch any episode ,or any dialogue or in fact any scene of particular drama when required. Not only this but also PTV Home online gives us a chance to see the interviews and life based documentaries of old stars, and legendary personalities either alive or dead, famous or not yet in demand one can get through it.

PTV Home Live Streaming:

Now PTV News Corporation has also upgraded its transmission in the form of live streaming. Now regular viewers can not only watch the live PTV Home on television sets through antenna, dish or cable network but it is also available on internet. The official website is Through which we can get any information regarding dramas, talk shows, interviews, news bulletin, cast or writer of any drama serials. Necessary information regarding many other programs by online services etc. We can also know the timings and durations of the particular program in the section of daily profile so that we can manage a time from our daily routines to amuse ourselves .Not only this PTV live streaming enables us to watch transmission on mobiles through different applications .Just for instance we are elsewhere or away from TV sets through online in our mobile we can enjoy the whole innings of match or can see interesting episode of any drama.
Live streaming through corporation is available for three sister programs which are:

  • PTV Home
  • PTV News
  • PTV sports

Through PTV live streaming when can watch the whole hockey, cricket or football match as well as emotion happenings in the play ground. Just for instance in case of PTV home live cricket beside the efficient performance of the talented team members’; viewers can also see what is happening in crowd, zeal and zest of cricket lovers present in the cricket field. Facial expressions and strategically behavior of player desperate for their success as well as of their team.
Pakistan television, besides promoting national language Urdu, also appreciates other local languages as it is a representative channel for all Pakistan. Programs and drama serials in Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi and other languages are also played on it. Not only local and national languages but there is a News Bulletin in English language also.PTV programs have their demand beyond the borders just because of it dedicated stuff.PTV can be watched through satellite system in Asia, UAE ,UK and many other part of the world.

Pakistan Television Academy:

PTV has also established a training academy in order to guide the beginners. To let them know about the basic techniques and formal ways to work in media. Pakistan Television academy is headed by multitalented and skill full experienced actors of Pakistan showbiz industry. This academy is provided with all the necessary stuff in order to ensure the efficient output. Thus PTV Sports corporation also has proud of getting many awards and honorariums of international values on different occasions .Hence it is not only the source of entertainment, knowledge but it also aware people about social problems, current issues and political scenario of the country.

PTV Corporation as Ambassador:

As it represents Pakistan in front of the whole world. Through it people get aware about the current conditions in Pakistan. They use to know about Pakistan. It also promote the beauty in the sense of recreation that Pakistan is like a heaven ; as it is blessed with high mountain ranges, beautiful valleys ,enormous water bodies, fertile plains , loaded mines with minerals and many more. People living far away see this and come Pakistan these tourists are then responsible for increasing the GDP of Pakistan.

Commercials and Public Relations:

PTV home use to commercialize the products of different national and multinational companies which directly or indirectly play to increase the GDP of Pakistan. Its commercials also become the source of employment of many people.PTV is also  one of the best platform to inform common people about some sort of calamity or havoc disease. One can do campaign on it about something. Fake scandals and propagandas can also be nullified by telling the real story.

Feedback :

In order to get feedback through local as well as international viewers .PTV Corporation provide this link specially for PTV home online users .So that they can further improve their quality through criticism and encourage their people through precious appreciations of their fans.
May PTV World get more and more success and much more improved position while working for positive productive mega projects for the revival of Pakistan showbiz Industry . And may it be a source of conveying good and peaceful message towards the whole world from Pakistan.

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