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One of the premiers channels of Pakistan. Samaa TV is serving nation in two dimensions .It has its coverage related to the updated news throughout the world as well as interesting programmes for entertainment. It is a privately running channel. Besides its transmission throughout the Pakistan Samaa TV live streaming is also available on internet through its official website that makes it availability possible in different parts of the world. Samaa news online are the better sourcing of access the Live coverage anytime and anywhere when desired throughout the country and outside the country.

As Samaa TV live is a private news channel thats why it is not biased in its servings. It is not affiliated with any of the political party or any other religious or governmental entity. Being loyal and neutral it presents its programs specially the news about each and every movement and activity within and outside the country without any offensive modification or undesired editing. So if anyone wants to get updates regarding the sudden happenings in the country it should switch to this channel. Because Samaa TV channels proved its impartial behaviour many times while covering political issues or other events in the country.

Samaa live has its experienced, qualified reporters and journalists throughout the world so that they can inform or aware there nation about the present condition of and about the particular areas of the world. Not only this, but they are also responsible for presenting the inward picture of the Pakistan in front the outside world.
Samaa news TV select its journalists, writer, anchors, reporters after a complex procedure of selection with great care and caution as the quality of the News stuff , image of the channel and its viewership have not to compromise with. Thats why only the selection of deserving and talented candidates is preferred .Beside this inward selection Geo urdu news live is also providing an outlets for its viewers in fact everyone from the nation that can submit news, pictures, videos or voice recordings about any significant events that will then published on there website to present it in front of the world and also aired in the form specifies programmes. As Samaa Live TV use to get much news, picture and videos through the daring confident and active citizens thats why it is very difficult to publish the entire stuff available within the limited time. Thats why a portion or important part of the stuff is published or on-aired most of the times in the form of strips on TV.

Samaa TV mobile is also one of the important initiatives of Samaa Live, now it provides its live updates in the form of messages alerts on mobile phone just by subscribing at a particular number one can get information at its ones place on its handset without any difficulty. As there is hustle bustle in our country, corruption is at its extreme, terrorist and cruel leaders hijacked the whole country so with in a day there are many heart sobbing incidents and news about them to inform the nation that this is also happening in the country. This is very unique feature of Dunya News which it is offering to its subscribers so that no one remains wondering about the current issues happening promptly.

Samaa live Pakistan is now switching towards radio for on air news in order to facilitate its user and as we know that in this age of technology mobiles become very common gadget. Any one either belong to upper or lower class of the society has its own mobile phone and mobile phones are now have facility of FM in them .Specially their use by house wives and other workers  who are fond of mobile so now it became a useful tool to aware others from any alarming condition and breaking news. By downloading radio apps one can also enjoy the radio programmes round the clock.


Samaa TV live is presenting its programmes under different sections which are mentioned below:


This section contain all the information related to Pakistan our own beloved homeland and its present conditions. All the ups and down in it. There is news about political scenario of Pakistan. Present role its ruler playing. Increase and decrease in daily rate index and its consequences on GDP are also there. This segment has further sub segments related to the all four provinces of Pakistan.

  • Capital
  • Punjab
  • Sind
  • Baluchistan
  • KPK & FATA


As its name showing BBC world comprises of all the worldly issue within and outside the Pakistan. All the matters related to new inventions, geographical changes, celebrations, latest instances are telecasted under this section. Besides the country itself other countries are considered as world. At the same time there are different events and occasions use to happen in different areas of world some countries and areas are lucky enough to have some positive changes and happy arrivals while other are calamity stricken. We all know that world is changing day by day time by time in fact minute by minute so all these updates are covered through satellites and then telecasted throughout the world by the means of different TV channels.


Under the heading of business all the foreign exchange, daily index. Rate of petroleum and electricity and the negative effects of their elevated rates on industries .Production and introduction of new products in market by multinational companies are also included there .Business done by new movies in box office or anything that eventually effect the money transaction and national accounts is included. Now there are latest soft wares and apps, as computerised technology has revolutionised the world. Now by collecting statically data and manipulating then on graphs it is possible to get all the relative information about the fluctuations with in no time.


Samaa News Live like many other news channels also cover news about sports .Different countries have their national games .Hockey is the national game of Pakistan .In Geo Super there are programmes based on discussions about the different games specially held in Pakistan. After the matches there are live discussions of experts about the performance of the players and chances and possibilities about success of any team against its competent team. There are different games played in Pakistan like:

  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Volley Ball
  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Polo
  • Races

Thus all the news related to matches their venues, team members , all-rounders ,top six players, record holders , record breakers all such information we can get through the platform of Samaa Live.


Entertainment is very interesting section as it contains tension free news. There is no depression, sense of sadness and horror as it comprises of comedy and funny stuff or something interesting and quite different from the current issues. It contains music, innovations, new movies, interesting offers, comedy programmes; cartoon for kids, games based programs for students and other related stuff.


Samaa is presenting well famed programs these days. Its talented anchors, journalists, reporters and the whole crew made it competent to other news channels which are also working in Pakistan. List and the brief description of its programmes are given below:

  • News Beat
  • Muttasreen
  • Interrogation
  • Hum Log
  • Qutb Online
  • Iss Haftay
  • Tonight with Jasmeen
  • Aisa Bhi Hota Hay
  • 60 Minutes
  • Subha Saveray Samaa  kay Sath
  • New Hour
  • Crime Scene
  • Awam Ki Awaz
  • Khufia Operation

News Beat:

News Beat is the program based on discussion and argumentation about the current political scenario of the country. on Aaj tv Paras Khursheed a brilliant women with extra ordinary abilities and having good commands on the words use to discuss the topics from top to the bottom in order to resolve them or to screen them where there fault lies. In politics, words matters a lot a single statement can be assumed in more them one ways so which one is right and which one is wrong it is very necessary to guide the common folk about it. People can join the live discussion with the help of calls also.


We all know that Pakistan is on war against corruption from last few years. Pakistani folk has sacrifices a lot fighting against the terrorism. Everyday there is a suicide bombing, target killing, blasts and many other pathetic scenes of terror .Because of this terrorism every day many families are affected because. This program of Live Samaa TV use to cover all the unfortunate victims of the devilish terrorism. People become injured life time paralysed; mentally retarded and majority are died because of it. As we know that Pakistan is an under develop country many times it happened that the only earning person of the family died in this way and just because of the death of a single person whole family destroyed. Not only roadsides but also the shops, schools, colleges, universities, mosques, plazas, markets are affected because of it.

Now we can imagine that if school is destroyed the small innocent kids who died in it belong to many different families. In mosques where besides youngs mostly the elderly people use to offer prayer hence a single life matters a lot. Till now millions of people killed and thousands of people paralysed PTV News TV contact with such people and telecast them publically to tell the common people about their feelings and sufferings.


As its name showing interrogation comprised of the incidents related to the crime happening on daily basis in different areas of country. Now we can say that with no offense that besides Police department media is also serving in this aspect. Samaa TV Pakistan has its very famous programs based on the criminals and there act of insanity and brutality.

But one thing more in this aspect no one is the criminal by birth but sometimes wrong company and the unfair conditions compelled person to do something wrong or illegal in order to fulfil the basic necessities .Everywhere there is hustle and bustle everyone is running a race of being more stronger, rich and established, this thirst of wealth promoted many unhealthy ways of earning in the society. People want to fulfil their desires by hook or crook. Anyway we should have control on our nerves and instead of being greedy and cunning should be contented on the available resources or otherwise should work hard to get something extraordinary. Short cuts are not the reliable way of being successful basically there are the hedges and one can stick to them.Interrogation as its name showing based on the case inspection of criminals who have done  something illegal in anger, greed or for any wrong reason. There are views, feelings; ideas behind unlawful activities in the cell where criminal get their faults.

Hum Log:

It is a street show based on the current issues which commonly focus the common people. Public views about anything new or bad. View from those who became the victims of some sort of problems. Discussion about how political, social, economical matters affect the common people. People use to tell about their personal tales in this program. So that other country fellow and the people beyond the country also get to know about them and their problems through the platform of Live Samaa TV.

Qutb online:

This Program of Samaa TV Pakistan contains live discussions on religious and philosophical topics. People use to ask and discuss delicate matters, unclear issues or changes in the world and their effects on religious teachings. In this program of Business Plus live calls are appreciated to unwind the religious dilemmas.

Iss Haftay:

This program of Samaa News Live is anchored by Zunaira Azhar.It is a weekly program based on the ups and downs of politics throughout the week in a countryside and after effects of different political actions happened in a place.

Tonight with Jasmeen:

Jameen is well experienced multitalented anchor use to conduct the show with great efficiency, confidence and in-depth realities. Basically, this show high lights the promises which our ruler made with the nation. How much they fulfilled their ways and up to which extent they denied from realities all such matters are discussed publically in this show. What is democracy what about it positive and negative affects how to make a democratic party who made it when and how. This is all covered in this program of live Samaa News.

Aisa Bhi Hota Hay:

This show is all about the socio-economic issues and their possibilities and reasons of happening in the society. No one is criminal by birth and it is also the nature of fact that every one want to be happy. Beauty attracts everyone and everyone wants to enjoy basic and advanced facilities of life. Capital tv serves society and aware public by unveiling the horror realities of life. So that they get aware try to protect themselves and their neighbourhood from the sources and affected people.

60 Minutes:

As its name showing this program use to happen in 60 minutes it a fast pacing program having live discussions and dialogues as well as cross commenting among the people there .In this program there is a discussion and questioning about the predefined topics in order to highlight and to understand them in a better way. Ghrida Farooqi drives this show on the daily based events about politics, GDP and other public issues of great worth.

Subha Saverey Samaa Kay Saath:

This is a refreshing and entertaining show of live Samaa News aimed to decorate smiles on the faces of peoples so that they can start their day in a better sense. It comprise of entertaining, funny sketches and sections so that people forget about their depressions and problems just for a while. These days anchor of this show is Sanam Baloch which successively improves the subscribers of the show.

News hour:

It is a serious show comprising of discussion on the sizzling hot topics of the day. There is a discussion on daily news in this topic. All the ups and downs happened in the country or in political world, any change or something new happened use to discuss over here. It is provided with realities behind the curtains, real causes and winded stories to aware the public .Role of different political parties is also discussed over here.
If someone wants to get information about whole day then he or she can easily get it in a limited time and in efficient way just by switching into this program.
Host of New hour is Osama ghazi.

Crime Scene:

As its name depicting this program of Live ARY News use to depict the crime incidents happen in every next street of Pakistan. it very sad and bad that these crime containing non legal activities are increasing day by day. Crime rate is increased comparative to the Past decades in Pakistan. There are many reasons for that. Everywhere in a country there is hustle and bustle every department in the country is a victim of corruption even the education department. No one bothers for others. There is a never ending race of status, grades, wealth and fame, People want to get there aims by hook and crook. No matter what is mentioned in the law. Pity on these situations if people with authorities do something bad there is no action even is someone knows the reality he/she is compelled to keep its beak shut. Even the rules are changed for them on the other hand poor public get suffered to the indirect issues which even no one did just for the sake of policy and rules. So this program telecast such realities and the after effects of social injustice.

Awam Ki Awaaz:

This program raises the voice of common folk. Samaa live team covers different issues in society or the problems public facing due to the ignorance of the rulers like load shedding, water supply, unemployment, social injustice. Problems in education system, unlawful activities everywhere all such incidents are covered under this section .People can tell their problems to other country fellows directly or indirectly their voices are also conducted to the rulers or those having higher authorities. In this way government also get aware from the defaulted department and there is an action against them.

Court No.5:

Aminah Kabir conducts this show by advocating the cases of common people who plead for justice. In Pakistan justice is so expensive that even buying its blood one cannot get it. Especially poor people suffer a lot because they dont have any approach and money. In this show with its every new episode there is a discussion about the cases of some poor men or women so that they get justice and can spend life onward with a new start .Up till now many cases are solved. In this was Express News live serving humanity at its own basis.

Khufia Operation:

Host of Khufia Operation is Sajjad Saleem .Khufia Operation is a reality based investigative program it unveils the reality of people who are indulged in black activities. There are several means and techniques like hidden cameras, audio recorders, and others spy devices which make it possible to do so. In this section there is an inspection of different sections in fact every section ought to be involved in corruption like education ,drugs, quality control, production in industries or small cottage, dairies , bakeries besides these departments different agencies of governmental and private level and different NGOs also. Also the working staffs of NGOs are either legal or fake or is there involvement of corruption there.

Her Pakistani main chupa hay Ek Hero:

This is very interesting and my favourite program of Samaa TV. In this program talented people having some unique abilities and skills are appreciated. People who are working for the society on voluntarily basis or for some common cause on their own basis are publically telecasted in this program of Samaa Live News.

Samaa News online, providing the live streaming of its different programs at their particular timings. All the latest updates information about program their cast and their timings are available at
Samaa TV mobile also facilitates their users which are well concerned or interesting in politics and other updates of the country because of their related profession through sms service.
Samaa News Urdu in an efficient way paying its duty of awaking others. So that people get aware and there is a chance of formation of improved, reform and civilized society round the country.

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