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Sports live is one of the important source of live sports. As this channel provides remarkable coverage of live matches round the globe not only this but the facility of most advanced data integration regarding sports about experts players , live scores , commentary , highlights and through many other analytical perspectives .

STAR Sports live is one of the leading sports channel because occur some classic features. As it provides the complete video profile of different matches with score cards and player statics and social discussion on the performances of the players present or played their role in the field. Not only has this but Sports live provided a dynamic rating system which particularly accesses each and every player and its impact on the field for the quality analysis of the match. Toronto STT Sports is also one of the features of STAR network.

Live transmission of Sports live are available in different regions of the world especially in India secondly it depends upon on the agreement on right holders and partnership and this dealing can change with each and every series also .In short there are different redefined policies with different matches. For kind information of regular viewers of star and all those who are crazy about sports there is no delay in live transmission in fact it is synchronised with televisions and other electronic devices. Hence it is the best platform to watch different live matches and transmissions about sports in HD quality use to organise in different areas of the world.

STAR Sports live was initially known as the “Prime Sports” providing its services through cable networking in order to telecast sports and different spots elated programs. This was initially owned by the PTV Sports and Fox International Channels two much anchored platform of Indian media.


Star TV was a joint venture between Hutchison Whampoa and Li-Ka Shing and was administered by these two parties. Li-Ka Shing's child, Richard, was actually the CEO by designation. It was started right in 1991. In unanticipated 90s, Star India incorporated Star Plus, Prime Sports (later got to be Star Sports), MTV (through a tie up with Viacom), Star Movies and Zee TV (fitting in with Subhash Chandra). Star TV was transmitted out of as IASAT satellite.

In 1993, Rupert Murdoch carried round about 64 percent stake in Star TV for $525 million. Star was initially TV content from Rupert Murdoch's Fox Broadcasting and. In 1995, Zee TV and Star marked consent to push one another's on their individual systems. Accordingly ads for Star programs started to show up on Zee and the other way around. This assertion was however brief as Star's English-dialect stimulation channel Star Plus began TV Hindi content. By 1997, Star Plus turned into a 100% Hindi-dialect stimulation channel and Star TV started Star World a differentiate channel that telecast content previously indicated by Star Plus.In 1993 News Corporation bought 63.6% of STAR for over $500 million.In the years after Murdoch bought Star, a concurrence with Subhash Chandra denied Star from making Hindi- customizing, so Star depended chiefly on English-dialect foreign made modifying. Star was third in Indian piece of the pie (3%) behind Zee TV (12%) and Sony (11%). For four years until 1999, Star had misfortunes of almost US$500 million. Thus, Murdoch patched up Star administration; customizing head Sameer Nair chose to begin making Hindi-dialect modifying to target "mass rather than class."In August 2009, STAR Broadcasting Corporation uncovered a rebuild to its Asian telecast organizations into three units STAR India, STAR (Greater China), and Fox International Channels Asia. STAR India afterward entered into High Definition television on 15 April 2011 with the launch of the HD adaptations of its stations.

Fox Sports Asia:

This channel is one of the Asian Cable Network Sports channel managed and administered by STAR TV Network and Fox International of Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and many other territories of Asia. Initially Fox Sports Asia was known as ESPN which was then changed into Fox Sports Asia right in 28th January 2013.While in few countries like India, China South Asia ESPN Live brand still existed.
There was further replacement of different channels like:

  • Fox Sports Plus was merged into ESPN HD
  • Fox Sports News was merged into ESPN News Asia

Important sports telecasted by Fox Sports Asia and also by STAR TV are:


Motors sports are those sports which are based on motor vehicle like cars, bikes .There is racing on roads and other tracks also like rocky tracks, deserts, slopes etc. There are particular laps decided before every race and participating have to cover them in limited time and to reach the finish line. You can watch this with STAR Sports live streaming.


Basketball is very interesting game normally played by two team playing opponent to each other. In every team there are nine players .Players do batting and fielding alternately. In this game every participating has to score more than its opponent with bat .By hitting a ball tossed by the pitcher with a bat and moving counter-clockwise around an arrangement of four bases: initial, second, third and home plate. A run is scored when the runner progresses around the bases and comes back to home plate. Eventually the team with the greater scores use to win the match.


This is very interesting game usually played by two teams comprised of five members each. In order to earn the goal player has to shoot a ball into the basket .It is very famous worldwide and people like to play and watch its matches a lot. There are specified rules and regulations to play this game and violation of the rules is known as foul. ". An individual foul is punished, and a free toss is normally recompensed to a hostile player assuming that he is fouled while shooting the ball. Opponent team can utilise this opportunity to win the match.


It is a game in which player has to kick the ball from foot to earn a goal hands are not allowed .Like many other games there are also rules to play this game and all the players ahs to abide by the rules while playing this game either on local , national or international forums. It is also played by the group of players or a team. Through interesting Geo Super streaming one can enjoy the international matches of foot ball where different teams depict their country.


Tennis is game, individuals typically play independently against a solitary rival (singles) or between two groups of two players each one. Every player utilizes a racquet that is hung with line to strike an empty elastic ball secured with felt over or around a net and into the rival's court. The object of the diversion is to play the ball in such a route, to the point that the adversary is not equipped to play a great return. Tennis is an Olympic game and is played whatsoever levels of social order and whatsoever ages. Tennis is a source of amusement for people regularly play autonomously against a singular opponent (singles) or between two aggregations of two players every one (duplicates). Each player uses a racquet that is hung with line to strike a void versatile ball secured with felt over or around a net and into the adversary's court. The object of the redirection is to play the ball in such a way, to the focus that the enemy is not outfitted to play an incredible return.


Wrestling is a type of battle game including hooking sort methods, for example, secure battling, tosses and takedowns, joint bolts, pins and other catching holds. A wrestling session is a physical rivalry, between two (sometimes more) contenders or competing accomplices, who endeavour to increase and support an un rivalled position. There are an extensive variety of styles with shifting principles with both customary memorable and up to date styles. Ypu see Wrestling on Ten Sports procedures have been consolidated into other combative technique and also military hand-to-hand battle frameworks. As men are more interested in such games they can get amused through STAR live in this regard.


Golf is an exactness club and ball don in which contending players (or golfers) utilize numerous sorts of clubs to hit balls into an arrangement of openings on a course utilizing the fewest number of strokes. Golf is characterized, in the principles of golf, as "playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the opening by a stroke or progressive strokes as per the Rules." It is one of the few ball diversions that don't oblige an institutionalized playing range. Rather, the diversion is played on a course, when all is said in done comprising of an organized movement of either nine or 18 openings. Each one gap on the course must hold a tee box to begin from, and a putting green holding the genuine opening. There are different other institutionalized types of territory amidst, for example, the fairway, unpleasant, and perils, however each one gap on a course, and in reality around essentially all courses, is extraordinary in its particular layout and plan. Golf rivalry is for the most part played for the least number of strokes by an individual, known basically as stroke play, or the most minimal score on the most distinctive openings throughout a complete adjust by a singular or group, reputed to be match play. Stroke play is the most normally seen form at essentially all levels of play, despite the fact that varieties of match play, for example, "skins" amusements, are likewise seen in broadcast occasions. Different types of scoring likewise exist.


Last but not least people from whole world love to play and watch cricket. As it is very interesting game. Like many other games it is also played in form of two teams .Each team comprise of 11 members. At one time one team do balling and fielding while the other does batting. It is best platform for Sports live cricket. We can observe this fact in our streets that how much people are crazy about cricket. On vacations, weekends young boys use to play cricket late at night and early in the morning in the streets, on roofs and in public grounds. Live streaming star cricket provides it services about professional players regardless of street players. So live start cricket show couches and players their lives experiences and expert opinions about the performances of the players. There is official website of live STAR cricket subscribing that site one can watch PTV Sports live steaming on different devices.

Basic Information:

Basic information about STAR Sports live stream and its other features is given below:


STAR Sports was launched on 21 August 1993.At that time there were very few sports channel in India.


This channel STAR Sport is owned by well renewed network of India known as STAR network. Fox International was also there in ownership.

Headquarter and Offices:

Headquarter of star network is present in Mumbai while other offices are present in other important cities like Delhi and Chennai.


This channel provides its special services in different areas of the world out of them following are the common:

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong

Many other Asian territories are also included in this who can watch live STAR Spports.

STAR Sports Schedule:

There is a schedule for each end every program of supports. After getting information about STAR Sport schedule through its live streaming or through internet one can watch its favourite program at a particular time after getting free through its tasks at that time.


As we know that every channel, every professional body and every product has its own logo. Logo mostly designed according the features of regarding object. Like many other channels STAR Spots live and Geo tv live streaming has its own logo designed by expects.

There were sudden changes made in logo of STAR Sport live stream right on 1st January 2008 at midnight.

Afterward designed new logo was with accordance with the STAR world one of its sister channel. This log was further preceded for many years. Rebranding of STAR’s sister channels:

Sports rebranded its entire sister channels and their logos which them practically implicated from November 5 2013 at midnight and then onward.
Following Important changes were made while rebranded the all sister channels. Different channels were renamed as:

  • STAR Sports was merged into STAR Sports1
  • STAR Cricket was merged into STAR Sports3
  • ESPN India  was merged into STAR Sports4
  • STAR Cricket HD was merged into STAR Sports1 HD
  • ESPN HD was merged into STAR Sports2 HD

STAR Sport 1:

STAR Sports 1 is a well known sports channel claimed by Star system. STAR sports India re-marked and bound together its channels with a fresh out of the box new logo which became effective from 5 November 2013 midnight onwards. The rebranding was immaterial however as excepting 4 and STAR HD 2, the remaining four channels transformed into 24-hour cricket channels. STAR Sports group wanted to raise a national sports arrangement in India. The arrangement incorporates television in Indian dialects. All channels aside from Sky Sports and S Sports 2 HD are cricket-just channels. STAR Sports in the stream of rebranding has chosen to be a cricket driven divert in India and henceforth it telecasts just few non cricketing games substance on its system. The live matches from   BPL are either not telecast or they are show on HD stage which has an exceptionally constrained arrive at in India. Interestingly, they ask the viewers to watch matches online on their site by paying about Rs.500, when there are a huge number of free streams are accessible. Viewers are getting truly baffled by this move and have begun different online fights on social networking stages to show their dissent.

STAR Sport 1 telecasted many important sports events like:

  • International Cricket in India 2002
  • Universal Cricket in Bangladesh from 2002 to 2006
  • Universal Cricket in India 1999-2012
  • Universal Cricket in Zimbabwe
  • Universal Cricket in South Asia
  • Universal Cricket in New Zealand
  • Universal Cricket in Ireland.
  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • ICC World Twenty 20
  • ACCA Asia Cup
  • ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup
  • Hockey Hockey India League.

STAR Sport HD2:

STAR Sports HD2 use to telecast different matches like football matches of Premier League, La Liga and series A in high definition .STAR Sport HD2 also telecast few other sports events in high definition like:

  • Summer Olympics 2012
  • Tennis
  • ATP World Tour Master
  • Sun Direct
  • Reliance Digital TV
  • Videocon d2h
  • Tata Sky

STAR Sports 4:

Like many other channels of STAR Sport network STAR Sport 4 also playing its significant role in this regards.
List of some programs telecasted by are mentioned below:

  • X Games
  • Summer Olympics Games
  • Winter Olympic Games
  • Winter X Games Europe
  • Moto GP( which was actually shared with TEN Sports)
  • Fiesta Bowl
  • Rose Bowl Game
  • Major League Baseball
  • Big East Men’s Basketball Tournament
  • PBA Bowling Tour
  • World Cup of ricks
  • UDA national team dance championship
  • India International Field Hockey Test Series
  • Super Golfers
  • World Tennis Charity
  • Global Football
  • Sports Centre Week

STAR Sports online:

Instead of watching live on television one can also watch transmissions on the computerised devices through STAR at any time anywhere .Not only this one can get all the updates about Dunya News score and schedule while in season of matches when international matches series are organised by ICC one can also watch online STAR cricket also.

STAR Cricket Live:

Start Cricket live is also one of the special presentation by the STAR network where one can enjoy full time transmissions about the cricket. As we all know that STAR cricket live is one of the best sources to get information about updates of top ten ranking of balers and cricketers. Information about the performance of the cricketers who earn more score , or wickets .Updates like who made more centuries and half centuries in limited time duration .Regular viewers can also watch STAR Cricket live for time by time news and events. Star cricket live streaming is what about which people are crazy about.


One should enjoy every opportunity and every event of the life as everyone has its own single life. One should do all and everything at its particular time .One should not harm anyone else for their personal incentives. As we all know that excess of everything is bad but it is also the fact that if we want to get something good we have to do something good. Players we see on the field are there because of their extraordinary guts , abilities , practice and hardworking , neck to neck matches bother a lot for their impact , rating and ranking .Express News every players depicts its nationality so everyone want to win to sustain and raise the integrity of its country.

There are predefined rules for every game players have to abide by the rules and policies any how empires are also there for transparency. As we know that every picture has two faces we can also observe this bitter fact that like other fields there are also black sheep in sports who use to fix matches, who violate or modify rules to earn money for their personal incentives only players sometimes get involve with such dishonest people and we hear various scandals of players about match fixation of violating rules , or using steroids extra. Like other activities we also learn a lot from sports and games but just to win is not a goal but to perform goal in limited timed and resources under predefined conditions is the real soul of the game.

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